Ubiquiti Point to Multi Bridge

Scenario: Below explains basic configuration required to configure a Wireless Point to Multi Point Bridge with a using Rocket M5 AP and Nanostation M5s. You should be able to follow this guide with any of the Ubiquiti AirMAX airOS Devices (Loco M, NanoStation M, NanoBridge M, AirGrid M, PowerBridge M, PicoStation M, Bullet M and the Rocket M Series). Important: We assume you know how to login to ubiquity Radios Step 1: Configuring the main router (Mikrotik or Any Other router). Plug in the first Rocket M5 (Access Point) into your laptop or network and make the following changes on the Wireless tab. Wireless Mode: Access Point WDS (Transparent Bridge Mode): Disable SSID: my_wds_bridge Channel Width: 20 MHz Frequency, According to Your Country Output Power: 27dBm Security: WPA2-AES WPA Authentication: PSK WPA Preshared Key: mys3curek3y123 Select Change but do not Apply settings yet. image003Note: If you need to increase the Output Power above 20dBm you must first enable Installer EIRP Control under the Advanced tab (Change and Apply Settings). Under the Wireless tab you should now be able to disable Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit which will allow you to increase the Output Power – (Ensure you do not transmit above the legal EIRP for your Frequency). Step 2: On the Network tab make the following changes. Network Mode: Bridge IP Address: Netmask: Gateway IP: Primary DNS IP: Secondary DNS IP: Select Change but do not Apply settings yet.   Step 3: On the Advanced Tab Ticket Everything Except Client Isolation as Below. image005 Step 3: On the System tab change the following. Device Name: Rocket M5-AP (Optional) Time Zone: (Optional) Administrator Username: admin (Optional) Current Password: (Optional) New Password: (Optional) Select Change and Apply settings. image008 Rocket M5 is ready for installation Step 4: Connecting Nanostations Connect the NSM5 (Station) to your laptop or network and navigate to the Wireless tab. Wireless Mode: Station WDS (Transparent Bridge Mode): Enable Channel Width: 20 MHz Select Change and Apply settings. image009 Step 5: Click the Select button next to the SSID field. Click the radio button next to your SSID (my_wds_bridge) and the press Select. Enter WPA Preshared Key: Select Change but do not Apply settings yet. image011 Step 6: On the Network We will configure a Static Route on the Nanostaion at the main site to allow traffic originating from the Main network (Mikrotik or any other Router) to access the Remote network. We don’t need a static route on the Remote Bridge AP (Rocket M5) as a route to the main network will be dynamically created when the IP Address is configured on the WLAN interface of this device. On the “Network” tab of the Nanostaion, select “Advanced Configuration Mode” to view the “Static Routes” section. Add the following Static Route shown below and then Apply configuration. image013 When you are in the network the router you will be able to access all the radios via static IP given to them, However for the rocket M5 you have to connect it directly to your computer