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Yeaster: With the new developments in VOIP Technology, IP based Telephone systems come out as an essential element of the business communications. Yeastar  IP PBX System delivers greater features, flexibility, and cost-effective solution to the business. Because of this reason Yeastar MyPBX Systems are getting immense popularity among small to large companies. With the functionalities, Employee Productivity and features, Yeastar IP  PBX  Phone solutions make your business more productive than their competitors.

The New Yeastar S Series IP PBX System

The S Series IP PBX System is a Game-Changing Innovation from Yeastar. The S Series PBX systems are more reliable, feature rich and stable than the previous versions. Its an easy to install IP PBX System designed to help small and medium businesses makes a big leap in efficiency, productivity and cost savings. The S Series VOIP PBX based on modular design help organizations to expand without spending large hardware expenses. The Yeastar S Series modular design, business-enhancing features, and reliable performance make it a perfect choice as an office telephone system. You can choose any SIP Supported VoIP Phones with Yeastar. Common Office Phones used with Yeastar IP PBX Systems are Fanvil IP Phones and  Yealink IP Phones. S-Series is developed with the future in mind, making use of the latest technology advancements, from Freescale commercial quality Quad Core CPU, TI DSP voice CPU, and long-life power devices as well as lightning protection. The S-Series includes fast PBX installation with secure provisioning, advanced plug and also play capability, along with an intuitive UI driven by easy setup, from even from any remote location. Nairobi City has the technology attached to it in every aspect. Thus, in order to stay competitive, it is imperative for the business to prepare with the modern solutions. Irrespective of the business size, it is good to replace the traditional telephony solutions with IP PBX systems. These solutions provide rich integration capacities. Yeastar IP PBX solution ensures the reliability and cost-effectiveness that allows business to go to beyond their voice communication levels.

More about Yeastar Mypbx

  • Internal communication between subscribers
  • Group calls , i.e. assigning a group of subscribers own extension and direction of call (internal or external), this number
  • Flexible routing system (inside Asterisk after all) incoming and outgoing calls. Such as local calls on analog lines, intercity over IP lines, calls to mobile via GSM channels.
  • For the option of GSM gateways can route an incoming call to include mobile users and is supported by routing Caller ID, ie call destination is selected depending on who is calling.
  • Interactive voice menu (IVR) and flexible forming queues – a system of pre-recorded voice messages, performs the function of routing calls within the IP PBX using the information entered by the customer using tone dialing.
  • can assign different actions – to connect the client with a number or a group, join it the specified queue waiting to connect to another menu, voicemail, auto attendant, conference, etc. or on the contrary, to break the connection. Record voice messages from the phone and downloading a file from your computer
S20 voip pbx
Support 20 Users 10 Concurrent Calls
S50 voip pbx
Support 50 Users 25 Concurrent Calls
S100 voip pbx
 Up to 200 Users
Up to 60 Concurrent
S300 voip pbx
 Up to 500 Users

Up to 120 Concurrent

 Up to 12 FXS Extensions
Up to 4 CO/BRI lines

Easy Configuration and Management


Fast installations with advanced auto-configuration, auto-detect and plug and play capabilities. Control your phone system with intuitive Web GUI. Instantly alert through email, SMS, and phone call. Managed easily from PC, phone, or any Internet-enabled device.

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Excellent Interoperability
  • Interoperable with worldwide SIP trunks/ITSP, and varied IP phones, IP doorphones, SIP cameras, softswitch, CRM, and more.
  • Quickly auto provision IP phones from Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, Snom, Vtech, Fanvil, Htek, Grandstream, Panasonic, Alcatel Business, etc.
Linkus Mobile Client
Linkus Mobile Client
Coordinated with S-Series VoIP PBX, Linkus Mobile Client makes your Android or iOS mobile phone an office extension and links you and your colleagues and customers anywhere anytime.
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Telephony Modules

Scalable Modular Design

Learm more about the s-series voip pbx module >>

Telephony Modules
FXS extensions module, FXO module, PSTN fallback module, BRI module, and GSM/3G/4G module.
 Expansion Boards
Supports 4 modules in one EX08 Expansion Board Supports 1 E1/T1/PRI port in one EX30 Expansion Board.
System Capacity
Expand SIP users and concurrent calls when your business grows with DSP Module.
s-series feature bg

Robust Feature Set for All of Your Calling Needs

The Yeastar S-Series is designed to help you grow your business by providing plenty business-enhancing system features and functions. Learn more about the business-enhancing features.

  • App Center
  • AutoCLIP
  • Auto Provision IP Phones
  • Automated Attendant (IVR)
  • Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Billing App
  • Call Back
  • Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • Call Monitor
  • Call Recording
  • Call Routing
  • Call Transfer
  • Conference
  • Distinctive Ringtone
  • Emergency Number
  • Event Center
  • Email to SMS/SMS to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Hot Standby
  • Import/Export Extensions
  • LDAP Server APP
  • Mobility Extension
  • Music on Hold
  • Queue
  • Ring Goup
  • SIP Forking
  • SLA
  • Speed Dial
  • Time Condition
  • User Portal
  • User Privileges
  • Video Calls
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • VPN Server App
  • Learn more about features

Powerful Capability with APP Center


All-inclusive features without extra licensing fees plus a unique App Center that can add and manage features independently.


Yeastar Telephone System Features

  • Queuing for call handling, with the ability to alert the waiting time in the queue and various algorithms queuing Call-center operators (for free, at least load, uniform, etc.)
  • Outside access to IP PBX trunk. For example employees remotely via an external PSTN line can make toll calls (long distance, mobile). Access to this function, you can close the password.
  • Conference Call. To create a so-called pre-conference conference room to which you can connect a variety of participants, both internal and external. In addition, the participants of the conference room and knowing the password can connect you.
  • Operating mode “Day and Night”
  • Recording the current conversation. The team record is given to each subscriber manually.
  • Standard functions – switching calls, call forwarding, parking, interception, notification, call waiting, call details, Music on Hold
  • Voice mail – personal mailboxes for subscribers.
  • SMS messages to SIP phones
  • Personal account for each subscriber. Access is via a web-based interface. In the member area, you can control the settings of your phone, including forwarding settings, and listen to voicemail messages and recorded conversations.
  • Backup configuration files and reports of the calls, and voice mail files, and record conversations.
  • Reports – itemized billing and system information
  • Displays the status of the extensions and trunk lines in real-time web-based interface (busy, free, calls, etc.)

Advance Features

  • Combine into a single network multiple offices of one company by putting them in every office and connecting with each other while maintaining a unified numbering plan
  • Use it as a PBX for the branch by connecting via IP PBX with the central office (we have successfully tested the connection to the Panasonic IP PBX series KX-NCP, KX-TDE, Avaya ), again keeping the uniform numbering plan
  • Organize remote workstations via the Internet – the staff at home, remote outlets, warehouses, etc.
  • Saving on mobile calls via GSM modules embedded into which to insert the SIM card with great (corporate) rates
  • Make a member of the mobile users so that they can receive calls on their mobile phones through the same GSM modules with corporate rates
  • Take advantage of the digital line E1 (PRI LINE/BRI LINE]  and sip-trunking

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