5 Ways IoT is Changing Digital Marketing

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While traditional marketing has been in the limelight for some time now, things have changed. Traditional marketing has been outpaced by digital marketing, which interestingly has something new to offer from time to time. The most recent development in digital marketing is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT connects several devices that are used every day. What does that mean for the marketers? They will have tons of data, which they could leverage to create an impactful marketing strategy. This is basically to say that IoT is impacting digital marketing in significant ways. It is for this reason that digital marketing courses in Kenya and other parts of the world have included the Internet of Things course in their curriculum. The new generation of marketers will need much more than the craft of pitching products.

Impact of IoT on digital marketing

For businesses to survive in the digital era, they need to understand how IoT works and the effect that it has on digital marketing. Here are the ways through which IoT is changing digital marketing.

  1. A More Personalized Approach

As aforementioned, IoT continues to increase the amount of customer data generated: which has proved to be useful to marketers. An online marketing agency will take advantage of this, and as a result, be able to create fulfilling marketing strategies. Such data includes the online activity of a customer, purchases made online by the customers, and other valuable data that the agencies can use to enhance the customer experience. For instance, the agency knows the best time to email the customers and call for action without interrupting their schedule.

  1. On-Demand Services

No one wants to wait for days for their food to be delivered. The kind of users existing in the market today are the ones that want to get information about a product by a click, place an order, and make payments by a click. Businesses will, therefore, be forced to adjust to meet the growing demand for instant services. They are required to connect several devices that will make the transfer of information seamless. This is aimed at making it easy for the consumers to access the products, services, or information that they need any time they want.

  1. More Advertisement Opportunities

Unlike a couple of decades ago when brands had to rely on TV commercials and magazines to let the word out about a new product. Businesses now have more platforms to advertise their products and services. It is all thanks to IoT. The interconnectivity of devices has provided businesses unlimited access to consumers. There are wearable technologies, smart cars, smart home technology, and a plethora of other devices, which have created new screens and channels for the advertisers to engage their customers. The connection of these technologies also provides the advertisers with useful data that they use in creating tailor-made campaigns.

  1. A More Targeted Marketing Approach

The success of any marketing campaign is seen through the response of the consumers. One of the major drawbacks of marketing campaigns is not knowing what the audience wants. IoT is here to change that. The large amounts of data collected by the connected devices are used for predictive analysis. It means that the marketers will be able to know the kind of campaigns that customers will be most responsive to. It will enhance lead generation and consequently, the conversions and sales.

  1. Better Engagement Through Voice Search

The digital assistant is one of the most impressive technologies that IoT is responsible for. Digital or voice assistants have become an indispensable part of life. It has made an impressive mark in the digital marketing landscape. It has become easy for the customers to key in keywords and get answers from the search engines. Most of the devices today have speech recognition. What does that mean for digital marketing? In no time, a significant percentage of online searches will be made through voice search. Businesses are therefore required to optimize their platforms or website for voice search. IoT is changing and will change the digital marketing landscape, and businesses need to be ready for it to remain competitive. Digital marketers need to strategize on how they can make the most out of IoT in their marketing campaigns and also enhance the customer experience. When it comes to technology matters, we are here to help you! Achieving your marketing goals is only one part of the equation. You need proper IT consultancy services and the best implementation of tech devices to ensure you reach all your goals. Do it the tight way with Hubtech and you will never regret it. Contact us today!