Types of PBX Phone Systems

Types of PBX Phone Systems Hubtech

Business telecommunication needs are better served by a proper phone system. It is not just enough to receive a few calls. A good phone system should be able to serve intercom needs, reach many extensions, assign customers, and initiate conference calls. You can only benefit from all these functions with a PBX system. But what are the different types of PBX systems? PBX systems come in four major types. Each one of them has its good and bad side. As such, each PBX system will be beneficial to different types of businesses. The key factors to focus on are the size, number of callers, and the ability to pay for the new equipment.

The following are some of the PBX systems you are likely to come across:

Digital PBX Systems

Digital PBX systems are made with expandable features. Thus, it can accommodate the traditional analog telephone systems as well as IP-based phones. To upgrade this system, you can integrate it with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems and add background music to play when customers are on hold. Digital PBX systems provide the sound of the highest quality compared to wired and analog phone systems. Additional functions include call transfers and extensions. Users can also make configuration to enable voicemail, digital answering assistants, and call forwarding. If your business still maintains the old wiring or has unsecured phone lines, this is the perfect system for you. Also, buy it if your business has an unreliable internet connection.

On-Site IP PBX Systems

The other name for this type of system is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) PBX systems. These systems work through internet connections. They have sprung up thanks to the proliferation of unified communications and VoIP telephone services. The VoIP PBX system has, for long been the go-to option for most businesses. Since it is an on-site IP system, it relies on the organization’s internal networks. It uses the internet to deliver stable call, good sound quality, and additional applications. The additional features include the ability to integrate with other elements of the business. You will get video calling, mobility integration, and voice to email. If you want your on-site VoIP PBX system to serve you to the maximum, you should consider using SIP Trunks. With these, you get additional features such as advanced call routing, call accounting, and disaster recovery. It will also be possible to save up to 70 percent of the cost of digital PBX systems.

Hybrid PBX Systems

Hybrid systems integrate features of both the digital PBX and VoIP PBX technologies. Thus, they are basically hybrid systems. Internal phone calls are connected using the digital PBX system, while internal phone calls ate connected through VoIP. Since both types of PBX systems have their own advantages, having a hybrid system will give you the best of either of them. Since the system will be housed onsite, it is way easier to administrate. When you want to connect additional employees, you don’t need to ask the service providers. Your in-house technical team should be able to handle everything. Additionally, you can install SIP Trunks on hybrid PBX systems. The voice quality is excellent, thanks to the fact that they are both digital and VoIP. When the time comes to transition to a comprehensive VoIP PBX system, you will find the process to be very easy. This is a good option for any business with an unreliable internet connection or which has a primarily stationary office staff. If all your business happens in the office, then look no further than this. It allows for the establishment of on-site phone service for your business. If you have old telephone lines or you require a more secure connection, then buy this type of system. After all, a minimalist VoIP system is always better than none at all.

Cloud-Based PBX Systems

With a cloud-based or hosted PBX system, you call all the calling services, features, and applications through the cloud. This system makes it possible for the phone services, features, and applications to be billed monthly with a single invoice. It is hosted by a cloud services provider who enables continuous PBX maintenance, warranties, and software updates. You no longer have to be concerned with any of these functions. If you are looking for a scalable, flexible, and easy-to-manage PBX system, this should be your first choice. It comes with advanced features for clear calls, multi-office networking, disaster management, and affordable pricing. This service ensures that all the repairs and maintenance functions are taken away from you. It is the responsibility of the service provider to repair and maintain all backend equipment. When you have an issue with your system, all you need to do is call the service provider. If you are looking to upgrade the phone system for your business, the time is now. With a dedicated PBX system from HubTech, you will never be disappointed. Try us today and take your business communication to a whole new level!