Functions of Panasonic PBX Phone Systems

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A Private Branch Exchange or PBX is the part of a telephone system which acts as a switchboard. Several telephone lines are usually connected to it. Its main function is to switch connections to and from the phone lines. Essentially, a PBX system links different phone lines to put a call through. A good example is the Panasonic PBX Phone System which plays an important role in modern business communications. What you will get is a flexible system that you can easily configure in line with organizational needs. Regardless of how fast the organizational demands keep changing, a Panasonic PBX system will work for you. However, a PBX system is not just good for business. They also work well in your home office, especially when it comes to easing communication. The following are some of the major functions of the Panasonic PBX phone system.

Now let’s Look at the Functions of Panasonic PBX Phone Systems

Panasonic PBX Hubtech

Flexible SMS Routing

If you regularly communicate with clients via SMS, this system makes it easier for you. Whether you have a fixed-line or mobile, this system works well. One thing about this system is the fast delivery of SMS to many customers. So, you don’t just have to rely on phone calls.

Voice Recognition and Call Answering Service

When callers make phone calls to your office, they are automatically connected to the desired extension. Callers receive three types of pre-recorded greetings. It is also possible to simultaneously dial more than one extension or even outside lines. With this feature, the in-house telephone operator has virtually no work. Instead of wasting time on large phone traffic, he or she can better concentrate on the key clients of the business.

Built-In Voice Mail

When not available, it is possible to transfer the customers to personalized voicemail so that you do not miss any call. Importantly, the system can store messages directly into a personal mailbox. That eliminates the need for handwritten notes and memos in addition to delivering the messages privately.

Distributing Calls Evenly

With the UCD function, it is possible to evenly and randomly distribute incoming calls to the users. In case all the call stations are occupied, the system will play music-on-hold or a message. Where the UCD is still occupied, the caller is diverted to a secondary DISA.

Display of Caller ID

The people at Panasonic understand that come callers are better avoided. That’s why their PBX system displays the caller ID so that you can decide if you want to pick the telephone. The good thing with this function is that it works both on Analogue Proprietary Telephones and Single Line Telephones, so long as they support the display of caller ID. In fact, it is possible to view the last 20 numbers that called via the LED screen. In its entirety, the system features 300 common logs so as to make it easy for you to dial the numbers.

Call Forwarding

When away from the office, the system will forward incoming calls to another extension. Besides, it is possible to direct the calls to a landline, mailbox, cellphone, or another pre-programmed number. One of the best functions of a Panasonic PBX system is called “Follow Me.” It allows you to set forwarding from a separate office phone so that calls to your extension reach you even when out of the office.

Message Waiting

At times, callers will find a busy line. Also, the call may ring for a long time without getting answered. In case of that, the system will notify the caller via a voice message. This ensures that the needs of the clients are always attended to.

Support for Doorbells, Door Phones, and Door Openers

Panasonic PBX Hubtech A Panasonic PBX system supports between 2 and 4 door phones. When visitors reach the door, they will push a button making the internal extension to ring. As such, the visitor will be able to talk to someone inside the office. It is also possible to program door phones so that the chime is unique. With a connected door opener, it is possible for the user to let the visitor in by automatically opening the door.

Conference Calls

Sometimes a business call doesn’t just involve one person. In that case, you can hold a conference call, so long as you are not more than five people. During a conference call of 5 people, two more callers can join in.

Detection of Fax

The major function of a Panasonic PBX system is to differentiate between an incoming call and fax. Once the fax is detected, it is automatically routed to a fax machine. With this system, faxes can come in both day and night.

Recording and Printing Station Messages

A Panasonic PBX system has the ability to record detailed information, including the duration, dialed number, extension, time, date, and so on. This information can then be printed out for administrative purposes. Essentially, it is possible to manage staff productivity, phone usage, as well as costs.

Restricting Unauthorized Calls

When left unrestricted, your employees may end up making all kinds of phone calls, especially expensive ones to overseas locations. A Panasonic PBX system makes it possible to prevent such calls from being made. By entering certain codes, you can stop them from calling certain locations.

Monitoring Call Duration

It is also possible to restrict the time it takes for one to make a call. Using this function, you can set a time limit for free calls. Your workers will be able to make calls within the stipulated time, thus preventing lengthy calls. The good thing is that the system will warn you at least 15 seconds before cutting the line.

Grouping extensions

It is possible to group users of the phone system in terms of different functionalities. For example, texting, call making and call answering groups. By organizing your workforce in this manner, the PBX system enables you to better manage them. So what are you waiting for? PBX systems will go a long way in enhancing communication in your business. It will connect you with the outside world in a simple, affordable way. We have good quality Panasonic PBX systems that can transform your business. We also have more from other brands, including Yeaster, should you want something different. Call us today for a quote!