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In the modern world and especially in the developed world, it is almost impossible to be in a place where there are no IP Camera Systems. These surveillance cameras are meant to monitor and record the real-time events. In the past few decades, though, we have seen incredible infrastructure growth in security-related matters around the world. Because of this, there is a high demand for IP Camera Systems surveillance. 

So, what are IP Camera Systems? 

IP Camera Systems Hubtech An IP Camera, also known as the Internet Protocol Camera is a type of digital video-based surveillance system that receives and sends image data through the internet. Unlike the CCTV cameras, IP camera systems do not need a local recording gadget, only a local area network is needed.  IP Cameras are usually used as webcams, and technically the phrase IP is relevant to those video surveillances that can be assessed through the network connection.  While some IP Cameras need a centralized network video recorder (NVR) to manage recording, alarm, and video, others, however, work in a decentralized fashion without the NVR. Interestingly, the camera records directly to any local or remote media.  The IP Camera system is an intelligent video-surveillance system that is designed to provide real-time security alarms. They can also keep video recording for later analysis. For example, during forensic investigations, this can, therefore, help with the prevention, detection, and intervention of security-related issues. 

Types of IP Camera Systems

Because of the increasing demand for security surveillance, more and more manufacturers are coming up with different varieties of IP Camera Systems. With so many options to choose from, it is, therefore, necessary to know the different types available.  Without further ado, these are the different types available in the market today;

1. Fixed IP Camera Systems

Fixed or cubed camera systems are perfect for monitoring a particular area. A camera is set-up and stays in a fixed position. Most of the time, the camera is installed in a dome-like model. Fixed cameras are usually small and discrete and provide unassuming surveillance.

2. Day/ Night IP Camera Systems

These cameras provide a continuous 24 hours security surveillance. These types of cameras amazingly work in pure darkness. They use infrared light, which is impossible to detect in the human eyes. Some of these cameras have illumination capabilities that enhance the video quality. During the day the videos are in full colors, and at night, they are in black and white.

3. Wireless IP Camera Systems

Wireless camera systems are incredible as they are the most flexible kinds. Since the cameras connect without wires, they will give you the option of placing them where security is necessary.

4. Indoor Camera Systems

These cameras are perfect for indoor settings. They are ideal for offices, retail stores, and residential areas. Surprisingly, they come in a wide range of models such as tamper- detection, vandal-resistant housing, day/night functionality, and PTZ. 

5. Outdoor IP Camera Systems

These types of cameras are designed to withstand the harshness of the outdoor environment. Outdoor camera systems are naturally bound in IP66 and IP67- rated housing that protects against moisture, wind, dust, and other harmful materials. Most outdoor cameras provide around the clock security.

6. PTZ IP Camera Systems

PTZ cameras have a wide range of controls available and allow one to monitor a wide area while at the same time giving an option to zero-in on a specific individual, object, or activity. They come in zoom-in, pan, tilt functionality that is either manual or automatic. 

Reasons for Using IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Systems Hubtech

1. Monitoring your children

We all know that children are prone to playing in dangerous areas. Installing an IP Camera can help you monitor what your children are doing at all times. In some cases, parents often leave their children under the care of a nanny when they go to work or on a date night. It is, therefore, crucial to see if the children are being treated well. Therefore, strategic camera installation is important.

2. Monitoring your property

When you are a property owner, you will want to monitor your property when you are away. Whether this is your where you stay, or it’s a vacation house, you can be able to monitor the security of the house remotely. And if anything goes wrong, you can be able to alert the authorities.

3. Prevention against home invasions

When an IP Camera Systems are strategically located, they can help you make an informed decision regarding the people you are letting in your house. A well-placed camera at the front door can help you be aware of the intentions of the person on your front door.

4. Increases the productivity of the employees

In order to monitor the employees and decrease theft and wastefulness of the office resources, a business owner can install IP cameras in the workplace. Security cameras will not only help the owner to monitor the employees but also reduce the cost of the insurance.

5. Prevention of Vandalization and Crime

Criminals usually survey around the property before they commit the crime. They do this because they would not want to be caught on surveillance camera vandalizing the property or stealing. The presence of an IP camera will help them think twice before they commit the crime.

6. Digital storage of evidence

IP Cameras not only record real-time events but also digitally stores the footage for future use. In an event, a crime was committed, or there is a business-related conflict in the workplace, video footage can be pulled for investigation or conflict resolution.


Having a well installed IP camera system will give you peace of mind because you will be able to know what is going on in your residential property, retail store as well as the office. Before making that important decision to install an IP Camera System, it is important to know the type of camera that will suit your needs. This will help you make an informed decision before you have the installation. Want IP cameras? We have them ready for installation! Hubtech also deals in other types of cameras as well, giving you the ability to secure your home and business premises. We also have other security products such as Zkteco access control systems, automatic and manual burglar systems, and automatic gates to suit your needs. Call us for a quote!