Understanding Different Types of Security Cameras

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A security camera is basically a closed-circuit system where cameras are installed, and they transmit the signals privately to a central monitor mainly for security and surveillance purposes. The cameras operate by strategically placing them in a certain area. Wireless links or coaxial cables then transmit the signal in a closed circuit and giving access to the authorized persons only.  You will not be surprised to know that most people don’t know the different types of security cameras. This is because it’s assumed that anything that can be fixed on the open and records serves the purpose of a security camera. In the current market, there are many types of cameras, ranging from colored to black and white, secret plus openly placed and night vision cameras, among many other types. It’s imperative to know the different types of cameras available and their working environments before you make your next purchase of cameras.  We have taken the time to research and undertake a review of the different types of security cameras and present our findings in the simplest language. We hope that you find this information sufficient enough to guide you before you make the next purchase of security cameras.

Here are the Different Types of Security Cameras

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1. External and Indoor Dome Cameras

These are mostly used for surveillance inside and outside the business or home premises. Shaped like a dome, the cameras make it hard for those who try looking at them to understand the direction which the cameras are focusing on. The suspense and uncertainty that the cameras create are what makes the cameras unique. These cameras are recommended because they are easy to install, come with anti-vandalism features and also have Infra-Red night vision ability. If you want to leave potential intruders and criminals intimidated, consider installing this type of cameras – coupled with a quality alarm system, and you will have peace of mind. 

2. Day and Night Cameras

These cameras are designed for all types of environments; be it natural light or nights, they can record clear video graphic images. With intrinsic infrared illuminators and sensitive image chips, the level of clarity works for a 24-hour monitoring ability. The cameras also record in both black& white plus color images depending on your selection. And to cap it all, you may need different sizes of images which these cameras allow you to select from. Always consider where and when you need to use the cameras before settling on one particular brand.

3. Infrared/ Thermal Image Cameras

These are used in extremely dark environments and rooms. With inbuilt LED’s that surround the lens, any figure in motion will be picked up. The images are highlighted and are recorded even in pitch-black environments. If you are considering installing a security camera system in critical infrastructures like seaports, airports or at home, the infrared cameras are a good choice. Any motion within a distance of 300 meters is captured by the cameras even in extra dark surroundings. Thermal radiation is another feature of these cameras where they can penetrate through visual barriers and record any motion.

4. Varifocal Cameras

Verofical cameras hubtech At times, security cameras tend to miss focus or having blurry recordings due to lack of zooming and adjustment options. However, with the Varifocal cameras, zooming and adjusting the focal length, especially for square rooms with dead zones. The cameras can zoom in and out and still maintain focus in an area. The focus ability of this camera is amazing and will not disappoint in both short and long ranges. If you are worried about losing recordings for large areas and shaped environments, consider these types of cameras. These guarantee top-notch security for your home and business.

5. High Definition Cameras 

HD cameras come with the ability to deliver high-resolution recording. Recommended for risky establishments like casinos and banks, these cameras can maintain high-quality images of even the slightest details. Additionally, the cameras allow the controller to identify and zoom any suspicious activities and have the most accurate images and video recordings. It’s important to know that during zooming and focus, the quality of the images is not lost and are the most recommended during the presentation of evidence in court.

6. Pan Tilt & Zoom PTZ Camera

As the name suggests, these cameras can move from left to right thus panning, up and down-Tilting and the lens have the ability to be zoomed nearer or further. The PTZ models are used where an active operator is closely monitoring the security system and wants to zero on a certain activity and follow it. The cameras come enabled with Infra-Red night vision ability and an amazing zooming ability of up to X36. Image resolution has also not been compromised, and the camera maintains a high-quality output. 

7. License Plate Cameras and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (LPR & ANRP)

 When accessing malls and other places like the airport, parking machines produce instant tokens with our number of plates printed on them. This is all possible due to the ANPR and LPR. They are used to capture data on places with high traffic zones, capture the data and even store it. With these cameras, you can be able to isolate banned vehicles or even those that have been marked by security organs without having to slow down traffic. Additionally, parking space operators are able to monitor car parking in a given area and identify overstays and those who avoid paying for their tickets. The government has also installed these cameras on major roads and highway to monitor vehicles in case of theft of vehicles.


Security cameras have impacted spaces greatly within us in a very positive way. The ability to monitor, store and playback have not only been used to reduce crime levels but also discourage potential burglars from perpetrating their uncouth acts. However, before installing a security camera, you must select the best camera for you to use. Consider the place you want to use the camera, the ability of the camera to zoom and also if the camera is colored or not. Getting a camera with a sensor will help detect motions even at those nights and finally the perfect lenses for excellent focus. We offer a wide range of security cameras to suit your security needs. Whether you need an IP camera for your home or a more advanced varifocal camera for your business premises, hubtech has all at your disposal. We also have other security products, including automatic and manual burglar alarm systems, and biometric facial RFID access control systems that will strengthen your security measures. Call us today for supply and installation.