Advantages of Biometrics Time and Attendance System for Your Business

If what your company is running on is an antiquated time and attendance system, then it’s time to ditch that for a biometrics time and attendance system. It is no secret that such systems have gained weight as far as workforce management is concerned and with many companies making the shift to this modern system, you cannot be left behind.

Let’s jump into the many advantages offered by biometrics time and attendance systems.

Advantages of Biometric Time and Attendance Systems for Your Business

It eliminates the practice of buddy punching

Buddy punching is a common practice in most businesses that use manual paper trails to keep track of their employees’ time and attendance. The practice of employees clocking in for their fellow coworkers is an illegal act that costs any given business millions resulting to annual financial losses.

As a result, the use of biometric time and attendance systems for businesses serves to prevent he aforementioned practice. Such systems do so by capturing the unique traits and characteristics of each employee thus preventing another employee from clocking in for a coworker as they prevent any form of duplication. Therefore, if an employee is not in the building then another employee cannot pretend to be the absent employee.

They guarantee accuracy

As mentioned above, biometric time and attendance system capture the unique characteristics of each employee thus negating the possibility of forgery or duplication. This then makes these systems a very accurate employee identification process. This gives the business supervisor’s an easier task as they are confident in the system’s accurate time and attendance tracking capabilities.

Moreover, the accuracy provided by these systems where time in and time out of each employee is concerned allows each employee to be paid accordingly. This in turn reduces cases of overpayment of an employee who is under delivering in terms of hours which is a cost saving mechanism for businesses.

Gets rid of time theft

Time theft is one of those challenges that companies have dealt with in the past, continue to deal with in the present and will probably deal with in the future if a step is not taken to prevent it. If you are wondering how time theft is actualized then it is quite easy. Some employees either incorrectly log in their breaks or clock in and out of work some minutes before and after their work period.

That practice in turn reflects an increase in the time they put in which means that they also gain in terms of the time they are paid for every single salary period.  Now, if you are looking to eliminate this particular crime from your business then a biometric time and attendance system is exactly what you need for your business. These systems eliminate time theft and in turn save companies money.

Significantly reduces the burden on the payroll department

As mentioned above, biometric time and attendance systems greatly contribute to the accuracy of a company by reducing time theft which is a welcome benefit for the payroll department which manages salaries. Such systems also serve to decrease the workload of the payroll department.

They do so by negating the need to retain mountains of files of paperwork and reducing the time that would have been spent scanning documents into the company’s system in order to print the employees’ paychecks. Reduced paperwork and the removal of the aforementioned scanning process altogether greatly reduce what would have otherwise been a burden. As soon as an employee clocks in and out, the information is updated in the company’s system.

They improve the accountability of employees

Biometric time and attendance systems create reports for each and every employee in the company’s system with details on the days the employee worked, the duration the employee worked for and the number of breaks taken during the working period. These detailed reports are referred to as audit trails.

The audit trails force employees to take accountability for their actions which in turn increases the company’s productivity. After all, no employee wants a report that reflects that he/she takes breaks that are too long, is constantly late and leaves work before it is time to leave. It could very well be the end of that employee’s time in the company.

They are easy to use and install

You might think that a technological advancement like this that offers a wide array of benefits is difficult to install and use. However, that is not the case with biometric time and attendance systems as they have consolidated technology that is both easy and safe to use. All you need is to contact an installation company who will do it quite fast due to their ease of installation.

In terms of use, it doesn’t get any easier. All that is needed is for the employees to scan their fingerprints on the device which in turn enters the information into the company’s systems with each employer’s name and other relevant details. And as far as training goes, a thirty-minute session explaining how the new system works us more than enough. If you thought the previous system was easy to use, watch how much easier it is to use the biometric system.

They are a convenient alternative

If you do not deal with the stress of constantly forgetting passwords or losing your badge then you should consider yourself as one of the lucky few. The use of a biometric time and attendance system negates the need for passwords, badges, documents or ID cards. As a result, you do not have to worry about your business’s security in an instance where a badge is lost, password forgotten or shared to outsiders among other security related issues.

Moreover, employees do not need to constantly worry about being clocked in if they happen to forget their access badges or ID cards. And yes, employee theft is also reduced due to the audit trail provided by such systems.  On top of that, any repetitive consumable costs as a result of such losses on badges and ID cards are avoided as there is nothing to lose. Such money can instead be concentrated on other aspects of the business.

Improve the company’s compliance with employment laws

If compliance with employments laws was difficult with paperwork system then that will not be the case with the biometrics time and attendance systems.  These particular systems have audit trails which makes proof of attendance for each of the company’s employees easy and straightforward.  As a result, it facilitates the audit process done by the Labor Department.

It is as easy as just pulling out the records of either an individual employee or group of employees from the company’s system.

Automated workplace rules

Biometric time and attendance systems allow you to configure the system to regulate the business’s rules. Moreover, the system also sends out reports to all employees with information about their balance in the case of a company using flex time. This configuration therefore facilitates the automatic tracking of hours. In with the new and out with the old manual tracking systems.

Job satisfaction

If you company does not have a system that keeps track of employees who put in extra hours then you can rest assured that none of them will have the spirit to go the extra mile. Having a biometrics time and attendance system in place allows you to keep track of employees who go the extra mile allowing you to give them their well-deserved extra privileges. It is a win-win situation as your employees do their job satisfactorily and in turn get their reward.

You have read the advantages of biometrics time and attendance systems as detailed above, you have understood them and hopefully been swayed by those benefits.  It’s time to call an installation company to update your workplace attendance system. It’s never too late to go modern!

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