Benefits of CCTV Installation for Your Home or Business

Let’s be honest; CCTV cameras are part and parcel in everyone’s life. We all need security surveillance, whether domestic or business premises. Installing CCTV systems is a fantastic way of ensuring safety not only in your home but also in your business premises.

But what is CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. It is deemed as a closed-circuit since the signals are not open as compared to the broadcast television. Therefore, a CCTV video surveillance system is usually in security cameras. A CCTV surveillance system helps to monitor and record videos in a premise.

By installing CCTV cameras, in your premises, you will reap some benefits including;

1.     from criminal activities

It is without a doubt that CCTV cameras act as a visual crime deterrent and mostly criminal activities that are unplanned. Thieves rarely target homes or businesses where they know that there is a presence of a CCTV camera. And if they do, they often shy away from conducting the crime.

The presence of a CCTV camera deduces an element of danger to the would-be burglars. Honestly, nobody would want their identity caught on camera committing a crime fully aware of the law. Since most criminals want an easy option, they will shy away from your property or even business and target those that do not have CCTV camera installation.

For better results, distinctly advertise the presence of a CCTV camera or even place it in a visible spot.

2.    Quality monitoring your home or business

CCTV cameras allow you to monitor your home or business in real-time. CCTV surveillance comes in handy where your home or business is in a high-risk area. Suppose you have surveillance systems installed at the blind spots; In that case, you can monitor the happenings around the parameters of your home or even business premises without leaving your seat. You can comfortably watch your premises on your computer, phone, or tablet remotely from anywhere in the world. Fantastic, isn’t it?

A CCTV camera is beneficial to a home, especially for older people where they can use it as a peephole if they have visitors at night, giving them enough time to alert the police in case the visitors look suspicious.

By installing CCTV systems in your business, you can be able to monitor the activities of your customers as well as your employees. Firstly, by having CCTV cameras, employees can commit 100% to their jobs when followed. Therefore, increasing productivity. Secondly, you will be able to prevent shoplifting and employee theft. Did you know that 64% of small businesses fail because of employee theft and shoplifting?

3.    CCTV systems act as a form of evidence

You will be able to have video evidence if you get intruders in your home or your business fall victim to criminal activities. CCTV footage assists law enforcement with enough evidence to prosecute the wrongdoers because they can precisely check out what happened. Not only are suspects captured but also the exact time and location of the activity.

CCTV footage gives helps in lead extraction. It provides insight into the criminal’s techniques and behavior. Not only are the footages substantial evidence to criminal activities, but they are also compelling in a court of law.

4.    CCTV cameras reduce the insurance premium

Properties with CCTV cameras are considered secure than those without surveillance. An insurance company will be more confident if your premises are not at risk of being broken into. Therefore, this reduces your probability of making a claim.

Luckily, an insurance company will most likely reduce your premium if you have CCTV cameras installed. It is wise to talk to your insurance provider and negotiate a discount on your insurance policy. While the monetary gain is not the only reason for installing CCTV cameras, you will feel good if you could save some money.

5.    CCTV systems require little maintenance

Another impressive advantage of having CCTV systems is that they require little or no maintenance. Once you install your CCTV cameras, you can entirely rely on them to provide surveillance to your home or business for many years. You will only need to have them checked by a professional from time to time.

6.    CCTV cameras are affordable and reliable

Nowadays, security cameras are relatively cheap. CCTV system installed by a professional is cost-effective in the long run.  The advantages are worth the cost. Gone are the days when you would have grainy black and white footages. These days you get high-quality systems that record in full HD (high definition).  And the good news is that there are many brands in the market which makes it easy to choose one that is pocket friendly.

Another fantastic reason for having CCTV cameras around your premises or in your business is that it is reliable. Security cameras work around the clock. You can get real-time of the activities at your home or business from wherever you are.

7.    CCTV cameras deliver full coverage and protection

By having a CCTV system, you will not only be able to get a clear view of your entire premises, but also avoid the costs that would have been incurred from hiring security personnel. That’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Surveillance cameras allow you to get full prove coverage of your premises. You will be able to monitor even the tiniest corner of your premises. Another fantastic benefit of installing CCTV cameras is that you can keep an eye on your business and ensure that all operations are run according to the rules and regulations.

It doesn’t matter the type of business you are running; you always have a sensitive area that you wouldn’t want people accessing unnecessarily. Surveillance cameras allow you to keep these sensitive areas protected.

8.    Surveillance cameras help keep your staff or loved one’s safe

It is inevitable for working-class parents to live their little ones at home when they go to work. Therefore, in-home childcare and babysitting is a part of day-to-day life for most. For a parent to have peace of mind when they are away from their children, they need to have surveillance cameras or, in other words ”nanny cams”. CCTV cameras help the parents monitor the activities between the little ones and the child care provider. Additionally, there will be evidence in case of any wrongdoing.

When it comes to your business, you will be able to keep your employees safe as they go about their daily operations. By having CCTV cameras installed, you can monitor any possible intruders as well as threatening co-workers.

9.    CCTV systems improve customer satisfaction and increase sales

As the saying goes ‘’A satisfied customer is a happy customer’’. Therefore, a happy customer translates to good business. CCTV cameras help you enhance customers’ shopping experience. You will be able to monitor the behavior of your customers and see their shopping trends. What’s more, you can improve product quality and service delivery based on the information captured by the CCTV cameras.

Additionally, it is a plus when you have parking lots that are protected by the surveillance cameras. Customers need to feel confident and safe whenever they visit your business premises.

10. Installing CCTV cameras minimizes employee-related incidences and helps settle disputes

Workplace disputes are inevitable, and as a business owner, you need to settle these disputes wisely. Hence, you need to be able to capture any altercation on camera to handle it. CCTV cameras help to prevent such cases like sexual harassment, violence, and theft among employees since they know they are being monitored.

And since disputes are unavoidable, it is prudent to determine the causes and handle them before things get out of hand.


Due to the increase in demand, CCTV systems have progressed substantially in the last couple of years. Because security cameras are a necessary evil we cannot live without, it is prudent to contact the professionals before installing CCTV.  Also, research on the latest CCTV technologies, quality, and types before making the purchase.

Be wise and invest in quality CCTV cameras!

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