Powerful Benefits of VoIP for Your Business

The American experiment on VoIP systems began more than 40 years ago, which is surprising as the first Internet Phone Software only first appeared in 1995, more than 20 years later. However, good things take time and if twenty three years is what it took to come up with what can only be considered as a global technological blessing then the delay was well worth it. And what better time to have VoIP systems flourishing than in a smartphone era?

It is important to first understand what a VoIP is before jumping into the many benefits associated with such systems. Simply put VoIP means voice over internet protocol which then communicates of a system that makes use of the internet to make free calls both locally and internationally, a feat that was previously impossible.  Just remember that a VoIP system is not just a technological advancement designed to make calls cheaper, it is more than that.

You might be running a large multinational company or simply finding your footing in the business world with only a start up. Either way, a VoIP should be your go to phone systems as it is both a cost effective and efficient alternative. Now, why would anyone pass on such an attractive option? And yes, every good thing has its drawbacks but the benefits of a VoIP system far outweigh any prospective drawbacks.

Benefits of VoIP Systems for Your Business

The businesses listed and expounded on below are bound to have you switching all your employees to a VoIP system.  Now, let’s jump right into the powerful benefits of VoIP systems for your business.

1.     Reduction of the business’s telecommunication cost

Every business looks forward to the full utilisation of any resource that is both functional and affordable. Well, look no further than VoIP systems while considering phone systems. You might be wondering how such an effective system can reduce any business costs. Well it’s quite easy.

Generally, the initial and operational costs of VoIP systems are less as you only need one account and bill for both the phone and internet. Moreover, any internet calls from one PC to another are free doing away with the need to pay for long distance calls while calls from a PC to a landline are significantly cheaper when compared to traditional phone lines.

2.     Better voice quality

It would be wrong to talk about the benefits of a VoIP system and then leave out sound quality. Technological advancements have been made to VoIP systems in order to enhance the voice quality to guarantee clarity making them a polar opposite to traditional phone systems which are known to produce distorted phone also, dropped calls and lagging transmission.

3.     Accessibility

A lot can be said about traditional phone systems and most of them are not positive and the most restricting one is definitely long-distance communication. However, with a VoIP system you do not have to deal with location or distance restrictions, a great contribution to the world becoming a global village. All you need is steady internet connectivity. Making calls to the other end of the world has never been easier.

4.     Increased productivity

Multitasking is one feature that really increases the productivity of a business. As a result, most VoIP phone numbers have features that allow configuration in order to ring in more than one device at the same time. These devices could include both your landline and cell phones. Moreover, since VoIP systems are cheaper, any excess money that was initially used on traditional phone bills can be reallocated to other facets of the business.

5.     Scalability

For a business system to be considered highly efficient it should be able to scale with the needs of the business. Traditional phone systems are unable to do so but VoIP systems supports your both the efficiency and productivity of your business as they scale to meet its needs at a cost effective rate. All you need to do whenever you downsize is eliminate a line and add one when you have a new employee.

6.     Increased mobility and flexibility for your phone system

Using a VoIP system makes it possible to do things that were previously impossible. VoIP system is one among the wonders of modern technology with many welcome away-from-the desk abilities such as sending and receiving phone calls from your laptop, moving with your phone system, getting virtual telephone numbers and receiving faxes and voice mails on your email.

7.     Compatibility with smartphones

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use a single device for both internal and external business communication? If yes then go the VoIP system way as it makes it possible to make use of your personal phone for work. Smartphones are the in thing now and they have features that streamline and synchronize all work processes. If you are already bringing your phone to work then you might as well use it t work.

8.      Easy to install, configure and maintain

If you are not so tech savvy, you will be glad to learn that off the shelf VoIP systems are quite easy to use doing away with the need for an expert. All you need to do is plug in the IP phone and get to using it.  Moreover, the addition of new users in a VoIP system with a host is also easy. The presence of a web portal makes configuration of the system easy which then makes maintenance just as easy.

Tips for Using VoIP for Your Business

Walking into a new world is already intimidating enough; now imagine having to do it blindly. However, your journey into the world of VoIP systems does not have to be intimidating. All you have to do is read the tips below guaranteed to make your shift from the traditional phone system a tad easier.

  • Always carry out a test run: This allows you to first carry out a trial of a VoIP service before switching everyone else in your business to the service. After the trial, you will have an idea of how the service works and if you are satisfied with the results, you can roll out the service to all other employees. Be advised to maintain your traditional phone system as a form of backup while transitioning from that to a VoIP service.
  • Consult with an expert: It gives you a chance to do away with any lingering doubts that you might have. If what you are going for is an off-the shelf VoIP set-up owing to the fact that your business has a small number of employees, then the implementation process is easier as it is quite straightforward. However, with a larger system, you are advised to hire an expert to not only install but also configure the system.
  • Have a security system for your network: In a world full of hackers, the security of your network should always be a priority. A secure network protects your VoIP system from internet security threats and attacks from hackers that aim to deny services such as the interception of VoIP calls.
  • Make use of the all forwarding feature: This is especially important if you do not have an alternative source of power or generator in your company. The call forwarding feature enables the automatic forwarding of any unanswered calls to either a landline or cell number during a blackout as the computer system could also affect your VoIP service.

With such an attractive calls option waiting for your business, what are you still stalling for? It is time to do away with the old fashioned way of making calls. The future of your business is looking bright if you choose to make the switch to VoIP systems.

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