Benefits of Electric Fencing for Your Home or Business

Protection of your home or that business for which a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into just to bring it from the ground up should be a priority. Now, there are different types of fencing systems, each with its own benefits but some with more benefits than others. In your quest for a highly effective fencing system, you will come across traditional systems such as the use of barbed wires and modern ones such as electric fencing. However, electric fencing should be your number one choice.

You might be wondering, why you should go the electric fence way when there is always the option to go for a traditional fencing system accompanied by a traditional security system, aka man’s best friend, the dog.  Well you do not have to wonder anymore. Below you will find a detailed list of the benefits of electric fencing guaranteed to have you calling an electric fencing installation company without delay. After all, your canine best friend should remain as just that, your best friend.

And in case you missed it, electric fencing can be used for just about any project whether big or small, from your basic residential houses to high-level commercial buildings. Just keep in mind that constructing an effective electric fence is no different from any other structure. In short, what you get out of it is directly proportional to what you put in. Be sure to not only use the right equipment but also maintain the electric fence to ensure its longevity.

How Does Electric Fencing Work?

First thing’s first, it is important to understand how electric fencing works before jumping into the many benefits it offers. It’s quite easy really and blindly settling for a system whose functionality you do not understand portrays ignorance and could result to avoidable shock accidents.

Basically, an electric fence wire carries the electricity or current found in an electric fence. First, fence charger or energizer plays the part of converting power coming from either the mains or battery. This in turn creates a pulse of high voltage, or electric shock in layman’s terms. After every one to two seconds, the short electric shock is repeated. When a person, or conducting object touches the fence it results to the completion of the electric circuit,

Be advised that the shock does not have a pleasant feel. The unpleasant feel does not however mean that it is designed to kill. Nonetheless, higher amps contribute to the electric fence being more lethal and vice versa.

Benefits of Electric Fences

1.      They are easy to install

With electric fences, you can either choose to do the job yourself or hire an installation company to do it for you. Either way, the installation process is quite easy and straight forward and guess what, all you need are minimal standard tools. When compared to the traditional fencing systems.

Electric fences tend to be lighter when compared to traditional fences providing you with the option to install an electric fence parallel to or on top of whatever fence structure you already have. This saves you the extra cost of having to build a brand-new fence.

2.      Electric fences not only deter but also detect and delay intrusion

Have you ever thought of the number of times a thief probably tries to invade a home but probably comes across a form of deterrence? It could be a wall, a security guard or in this case an electric fence. Well, installing an electric fence deters any potential intruder from breaking into your residence. The intruder will instead choose to go for an easier target, any property with a low security system.

And yes, sometimes seeing an electric fence could still not be enough as intruders might still attempt to climb it. However, a non-lethal shock is what will be awaiting them as soon as they begin their ascent forcing them to either stop or delaying them. You could also go the extra mile and combine your electric fence system with a high- tech alarm system. Such systems are able to detect invaders before they even manage to come near your property.

3.      The whole electric fencing project is cheaper

As soon as you decide to put up an electric fence for your home or business structure as opposed to the traditional fencing system, you automatically sign up for lower costs for the whole project. You have already constructed a building that already cost you so much money so what you need is a highly effecting fencing system that is also affordable to save on your coins.

Electric fences require a smaller number of support posts and fewer wires when compared to a barbed wire fence. This then directly reduces the amount of money that you will require to complete the whole electric fencing project.

4.      Electric fences are known for being highly versatile

The ability to adapt to any given environment, situation or scenario is a feature that makes electric fences an attractive fencing system. They not only make it possible to make any necessary individual adjustments or alterations but are also usable in any soil condition and every type of environment. The electric fencing’s ability to allow individual modifications when required makes for a good DIY project.

Moreover, fact that you can install electric fences on top of any existing walls or fences in order to increase security and effectiveness of your fencing system further adds to the versatility of electric fences.

5.      The maintenance costs are fewer for electric fences

 If what you have is a traditional fence system, then you probably have to either re-stain it if wooden or paint it every other time. However, that is not the case with electric fences. Moreover, the material used to make electric fences is made up of either aluminum or steel wires which are further glazed with protective materials that prevent the fence from rusting. This negates the need to worry about any damage that could be caused by water or rain.

As far as basic maintenance is concerned, you only need to do a few things which barely cost you much. These include the prevention of any unwanted objects including grass from coming into contact with the fence, using a voltage meter to ensure that the voltage in the wires is enough and constantly checking the electric connections. As far as it goes, the only cost incurred here is a one-time cost of purchasing a voltage meter.

6.      They are durable and last longer

 When compared to traditional fencing systems, electric fences tend to be more durable and last longer owing to the fact that the electric wires have more protection from any high impact damage that could be caused by external factors such as livestock. This protection feature from high impact damage in turn translates into the durability of the electric fence and contributes to it lasting longer.

7.      They offer flexibility

Where electric fencing is concerned, there are a number of systems in place to offer flexibility in terms of the design. This then means that you get to design whatever type of enclosure that you need. The enclosure could be a portable, permanent or semi-permanent application designed to work in almost all environments or geographical surroundings. From the arid Sahara to the snowy slopes of Hampshire, there is no limit.

8.      Convenience

Traditional fencing systems tend to be heavy making them difficult to carry or move around. This in turn makes the process of making and necessary adjustments, alterations or modifications difficult. With electric fences, what you sign up for is light electric wires that are easy to carry and move around. By extension, making necessary adjustments, modifications or alterations is easy-peasy.

It would be wrong to assume that electric fencing does not have its limits. However, the drawbacks such as likely damage caused during storms or dangerous shocks do not take away from the many benefits offered as they far outweigh all prospective drawbacks.  You are advised not to sleep on electric fences.

Note:  Always your children away from electric fence to avoid shock accidents. Moreover, a danger sign indicating that it’s an electric fence with high voltage is required for unaware passers-by.

The only thing left to say is that the time to go for an electric fencing system is now. Out with the old traditional systems and in with the new. You will not regret a single thing.

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