Benefits of Implementing an Access Control System

Benefits of Implementing an Access Control System

Ever walked into a room in a building with a clear sign indicating that non-authorized personnel are not allowed beyond that point? Chances are that the sign did not do much to stop unauthorized personnel from accessing the said room. The results of such unauthorized access could be disastrous for both the unauthorized personnel and the business itself. However, with an access control system such unauthorized access is preventable.

An access control systems serves to protect your building by restricting access to only authorized personnel. After all, security is a priority for any business whether big or small. And guess what, there it does not matter the number of employees working for you and which branch they work for. So long as the system recognizes that they are authorized then they are automatically granted access.

How does an Access Control System Work?

It is quite easy really. An access control system is an electronically powered means of restricting access to designated areas and rooms in a building or the whole building altogether. It simply works by limits access to a room to only authorized personnel by using either manually keyed in data or leveraging already existing data on the personnel.

It is not limited to one form. Rather it can involve key cards, alarms, biometric scanners, pin codes and video surveillance systems and all you have to do is simply decide which best works for you. And if you are wondering which industries can benefit from using an access control system then wonder no more. The list is quite endless really, from government, healthcare, worship centres to small and big businesses.

What are the Benefits of Implementing an Access Control System?

Whether you are looking into implementing an access control system for an apartment complex or business, you will find that the benefits are endless. It does not matter what the size of your business is, the benefits apply to all types of business. If you are ready, let’s jump right into the benefits.

1.      Ease of installation and implementation

There is a misconception among people unaware of the wonders of modern technology that most technological systems are not only difficult to install but also implement. However, that is hardly ever the case as has been proven by many such technological advancements including access control systems. The installation process only requires the services of an installation company to guarantee perfection but the rest is in your hands.

The process of assigning access by people to certain levels of a building is quite easy as it is automatic. The access control system simply exploits any of the employee or resident demographic data that you already have. Moreover, you can also customize authorized access by manually keying in the data into the system. A system that meets your specifications and preferences is exactly what you need.

2.      Makes it easy for employees’ access- paraphrase

This particular benefit is two-fold. Implementing an access control system makes it possible to restrict access of each area of your business. This then means that you get to authorize each employee to access all the necessary areas of the business in order to do their job. All that the employees need to do is to scan their key cards or input a unique pin and boom, they are in.

Now imagine how frustrating it can be for an employee to be going from one location of your business to another remote area affiliated with your business only to realize that they have forgotten their key. They would have to go all the way back which only wastes valuable time and demoralizes them. But guess what, with access control systems you can remotely open the door from a central terminal. Simply put, you can buzz them in.

3.      Acts as a deterrence for criminals

The number of times a thief targets a building without any form of deterrence is uncountable as it makes it easier to go about their business without coming across any high risks. However, implementing an access control system deters any potential thieves or intruders from targeting your home, business or organization. You also get to overturn any form of access whenever a person’s credentials are lost or stolen.

Access systems deter thieves by making entry into a building harder thus making it a harder target. Moreover, you get to secure a number of access points in the building such as elevators, access ramps, parking garages, primary entry and exit point among others. Which thief wants to deal with a maze of an entrance when the risk of getting caught is already always high?

4. It controls access by allowing multiple location access

If what you have us a business that boasts of multiple locations, then you need to implement an access control system. Some businesses require the limitation of employees to one building or section of a building and if that is the case then an access control system will do exactly that.

Apart from limiting access, it can also grant access to employees who need to access all buildings in multiple locations. This then means that you do not have to keep manually authorizing or limiting such access as is automated by an access control system. And when a person is no longer part of the business, organization or apartment complex, all you simply have to do is delete the specific person’s access into the building from the system.

5.      Simplifies the turnover process

If an employee quits or tenant moves out of a building that uses a lock and key system then you will probably need to make some lock replacements. These replacements are a precaution meant to prevent any security breaches you are not sure if any key duplicates were made. However if you are using an access control system for a business, apartment complex or institution the all you need to do is restrict access to a specific key card.

Moreover, if a person loses their access card, all you need to do is replacing it as opposed to replacing to replacing the whole system.

6.      Saves on both money and energy

Locks and security personnel are more expensive when compared to an access control system. If you are wondering how this is so then it is quite easy. Installing locks for each door of the building costs money, a lot of money. So whenever an employee loses their key, it is only logical to replace the lock as you are not sure of who stole the key which could result in security breaches. Replacing a key card is much simpler and cheaper.

Moreover, access control systems verify an individual’s identity making security guards redundant. Where energy costs are concerned, you can choose to have your access control systems fitted with heating, cooling and lighting systems. This means that the lights automatically turn on when there are people in the room and off when they leave which. And whenever there is no one in the room, you can always adjust the temperature.

7.      Reduce theft and accidents

If you are running a business, then theft of office supplies by employees is not a rare occurrence. However, preventing this is possible with the implementation of an access control system as it restricts access to only authorized personnel. This system makes it easier to keep track of  office supplies as you are aware of which employees have access to the supply room reducing theft which is a welcome cost saving mechanism for the business.

Moreover, if your business has levels or rooms that contain hazardous chemicals and equipment, then you definitely need to limit access in order to prevent accidents. After all, prevention is better than cure. All you need to do is restrict the access to such rooms to only the specially trained personnel which spares your business from unnecessary lawsuits from injured employees.

8.      You are aware of who enters and exits your building

Security of any particular building is important and it can only be guaranteed if there is a proper record of who goes in and out of a particular building. With an access control system, it is very easy to keep track of such movements as they record and keep a history of people who enter the building. This means that whenever a person scans their entry card, the system automatically records the location, time and details of the person..

This record keeping ability allows you to ensure that your employees do not engage in time theft while also increasing accountability. If vandalism or a burglary were to take place, all you would need to do is check the system log, an impossible feat for traditional lock and key systems.  The culprit is then held accountable for their actions which in turn reduces cases of theft.

9.      Reduces the chaos associated with multiple shifts

Most businesses have a typical 9 to 5 shift. However there are some that work up to 24 hours a day which then necessitates the need for multiple shifts. It can be difficult to manage a large number of employees each with different shifts as you cannot always be there. Implementing an access control system really helps to sort the chaos associated with multiple shifts as it automatically keeps track of when an employee has their shift and authorizes access.

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