Benefits of Moving to a VoIP System for Your Business

There are many advantages of moving your business from conventional telephony to a VoIP phone system. First things first, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is also known as ”Hosted VoIP, Business VoIP, cloud PBX, and many other terms”.

Every business aim is to be productive while at the same time, cut costs. As best as one can tell at first glance, it seems like moving from traditional telephony to VoIP system is a smart choice. Why? Because businesses can lower their operating costs. Apart from that, the VoIP system will offer you many benefits including but not limited to; easy integration to software programs, flexibility, reliability, mobility, and so on.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that VoIP system can offer to your business;

1. VoIP System offers low cost-Per-Call

As the name suggests, a VoIP system uses internet protocol to make phone calls. So, rather than using telephone lines, all communication data is converted into packets and forwarded to the IP network. Your business could either use the IP network from the internet connection, direct IP connection, or both. The IP connection is important because there is a guaranteed quality of service (QoS).

Making calls using the traditional requires a line to be taken up by two callers to communicate, which means many lines need to be installed. Therefore, it is rather expensive to make long-distance calls through the landline. When using the internet, call data bypass this issue making calls cheap, whether local or international.

Additionally, traditional telephone lines charge per minute, whereas VoIP costs are charged monthly. By the way, many internet providers offer free telephony service or as a package. In most cases, businesses that use the VoIP system are given a great package where domestic and long-distance calls are free, especially in the United States.

2. Increased flexibility and service mobility

Another fantastic reason for switching to a VoIP telephone system on your business is because you can work on-the-go. VoIP service system can be an enormous benefit for your business because you can make calls from wherever you are.

VoIP telephone system is not restricted to merely in-office use only. Various mobile applications can enable you to make VoIP calls without any special hardware. All you need is an internet connection.

Mobility makes a huge impact on productivity. Nowadays, there is a rise in the flexibility of working from home. You can contact your employees or team members whether they are working home or on the road. Employees or team members can maintain the same number, whether they are working from a different office or working from home, or abroad. Therefore, with a VoIP system, there are no physical limitations as you can move your business depending on the demand.

Additionally, you can integrate software programs like email, e-fax, and remote conferencing over the internet via the telephone. Case in point, a VoIP user can speak over the telephone while using other applications simultaneously.

With VoIP technology, you can connect from home or even abroad. All you need is to have your adapter at all times.

3. Easier conference calls

Even though face to face interaction with colleagues and clients is ideal, sometimes it’s not possible. This is because nowadays, businesses are dynamic. You will want to connect with your colleagues, who are out of the office or abroad. This is where conference calls come into play.

So, how does VoIP make conference calls easy? VoIP calls use converged data while traditional lines use a dedicated line. You can make calls without having to pay extra service to host many callers for a conference. On top of that, you can make video conferences, which is an added advantage to the service you already pay for.

4. Increased productivity

Have you ever seen a situation where two callers are trying to call each other but cannot hold each other? That’s called ”phone tag’. Trust me; if you are making business calls, you might want to eliminate that issue. However, with traditional phone calls, this problem is inevitable. Phone tags make customers very frustrated, which reduces sales, making business growth very slow. However, with VoIP, phone numbers are programmed to ring on several devices before voicemail, which reduces the probability of customers experiencing phone tag.

Apart from that, the VoIP system increases overall productivity as it helps employees’ multi-task without challenges. Hence, you will have increased business since the money saved from telephone costs can be allocated to other business aspects. Additionally, VoIP technology has improved voice clarity, which is appealing to many businesses.

5. VoIP system is easy to install, use and troubleshoot

You don’t have to be techy to be able to use VoIP. Installing a VoIP telephone system is as easy as ABCD. The process and mobility of the VoIP telephone system offer many benefits over traditional phones. You will not need separate cabling as with traditional phones. Aesthetically, your office will look neat without any unnecessary cluttering.

The scalability of the VoIP system makes it easy to add new components hassle-free. This is because the transfer of voice signals to digital signals happens using software rather than the hardware. Hence, it is easy to change and maintain the whole system. This is very effective even for users that are not tech-savvy.

Since the VoIP system integrates and stores data on to a single network, it makes it easy to manage. Additionally, it is affordable and reliable.

6. The VoIP system is reliable at a pinch

There’s always that worry that you will not be able to make calls when you experience internet downtime. This, however, does not have to happen in the right circumstances. What you can do if that occurs is forward your calls since the VoIP system is quite flexible.

The ability to choose the device into which calls will be forwarded to makes it very flexible. Therefore, weather issues and power outages will not be an issue once you decide to switch to a VoIP phone system.

7. VoIP system makes it easy to integrate with other business systems

While conventional phones are especially difficult to integrate with other systems, VoIP call systems are not. The VoIP phone system is beneficial in a way that you can easily record calls and keep records. Additionally, you can route voicemails to email as well as initiate calls from other programs.

Another advantage of moving to a VoIP phone system is that you can combine analytics with your internet system. Moving to VoIP will not only increase productivity but also improve business processes.


The truth is VoIP system is beneficial to small businesses as well as big businesses. What’s more, the VoIP system is virtually free from drawbacks. Since moving from a conventional telephony system to VoIP is a big step, you need to make the right decision. It is important to be knowledgeable and also rely on a good service advisor.

Using a VoIP system in your business can give you a competitive advantage!

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