CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 7 Ethernet and LAN Cables in Kenya

Ethernet Cables , also known as Networking Cables cable is anything that will connect your electronic device (computer, tablet, gaming console, etc.) to a network, which will allow you to have internet access and interact with shared network resources. The Ethernet cables connects devices such as PCS, routers, and switches from a local area network.These networking cables are defined by their length and durability. If the networking cable is of poor quality and of too much length it may not carry a good network signal. These characteristics gives a reason as to why we have different types of Ethernet cables with different capabilities which will be expounded later.

Ethernet cables resemble a phone cable both in shape and also plug but their difference is that Ethernet cable is larger because it has 8 wires while a phone cable has 4 wires, Ethernet cables connect to Ethernet’s port which is accessible through Ethernet card on the mother board, the Ethernet ports are located on the back of the laptop computer or on the side of the laptop.


The reason that Ethernet cables are used is because wireless connections are not certain and may fail someone. You may have found that the Wi-Fi can be down or damaged by some interfering factor which may require time to check and rectify. It could be something related to the distance between you and the network, an interfering object such as a brick wall, something that is messing up the connection speed, and a host of other problems which may be undetected. The Ethernet cable gives you the guarantee of being connected to the network no matter the distance. Being directly connected gives a faster and more reliable experience and provides a useful backup option when the Wi-Fi is down.  Some networks will allow you the option to connect wirelessly or through Ethernet cable. Other networks, such as local area networks (LANs), require this cable if you want to have access to the router.


The most common structure is Twisted Pair cable. Two wires inside the cable are twisted together. Twisted Pairs is the industry standard cable. They have the best results in terms of maximum length and speed drops. They are only beaten in performance by fiber-optic cabling.

One of the reasons for their quality is that the two cables carry data in both directions, which balances the electrical fields. This reduces electrical noise within the wire. Handwiring your devices to your router with Ethernet cables can improve speed, especially when streaming and gaming or downloading files. Another argument that gives advantage of Ethernet over Wi-Fi is security. Anyone in range can access data carried through Wi-Fi waves. Twisted pair can be unshielded or shielded. Unshielded don’t have foil or braided shielding around the cable. While unshielded cables are much cheaper, the signal quality decreases through electrical noise. Shielded cables come with braided or foil shielding, which is usually made of copper or another conductive polymer. Shielding reduces electrical noise and improves connection quality.


Indoor Ethernet cables are used mainly  in residential i.e. like in offices ,industries or at homes. This is due to the outer covering of the cables which is not strong to thrive on the outside environment. They are also designed for shorter distances connections for increased connectivity. The difference between the indoor and the outdoor cables is that the outdoor cables jacket(outer covering) is graded in such that it can thrive in  the outside  environment, such as heavy rains and too much heat, uv lights and any change of weather and can  be used for many years. The outdoor cables can be used while buried or left in the open, the indoors cable should never be used as indoor cables and vice versa



CAT5 (Category 5)is used in structured cabling for computers and has a performance of 100MHZannd a bandwidth of 250MHZ. They are common to those who want to connect multiple computers, they are of wide variety of colors that suits best with one taste  it is used to carry signal for telephony and also videos. Most of the cat5 are unshielded and are connected using modular connectors and punch down.

CAT 5 Ethernet Cable
CAT 5 Ethernet Cable

 CAT 6

CAT 6 cable is super-fast for the connectivity of the internet it has a speed of 10gigabytes and a bandwidth of 500 MHZ . it can work up to 300metres  .it is so double shelded. it is designed for both outdoor and indoor uses. it is copper coated and its  outer jacket is made of black material for uv light resistance. The cable can last for a very long time . Cat 6 cables support higher bandwidths than Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables. They’re tightly wound and usually outfitted with foil or braided shielding. Said shielding protects the twisted pairs of wires inside the Ethernet cable, which helps prevent crosstalk and noise interference.

CAT 6 Ethernet Cable
CAT 6 Ethernet Cable


CAT 7 cable supports a very high speed of Ethernet communication upto 10Gpbs and 600MHZ  hence, giving high speed with longer cables. It uses a 4-connecter channel with shielded cabling/ and can work together with both CAT5 ,CAT6.

CAT 7 Ethernet Cable
CAT 7 Ethernet Cable

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