How To Assemble A Server Rack Cabinet

Safety should be first when assembling a server rack cabinet, as the rack is fabricated metal and glass and may contain sharp edges. It would help if you had tools such as Metric Hex key (supplied), Metric ratchet-head spanner set, cross head, and flat head screwdriver set. An electric or cordless powered screwdriver may be used with the appropriate attachments. Carefully layout the separate component boxes that make up your cabinet and separate the boxes on the floor space logically.

See the video tutorial on how to assemble a network cabinet below;

The steps are as follows

1 ) Start by fixing the base to the frames  by aligning the base panel, then push the frame into the base panel slot and attach using large bolts at each corner,

2 )Fix the roof fan tray to the roof panel/frames, making sure the power end cable is positioned towards the back

3) Assemble front/rear horizontal support bars by installing the cage nuts using the holes 5-6 down from the top, at the front of cabinet on the frame, and up from the bottom of the cabinet on frames. Do this to install all 4 horizontal supports bars.

4) Installing box spacers:­­- Up from bottom of the cabinet on frames. Do this to install all 4 horizontal supports bars.

a) Installing vertical mounting profiles and shelves into 800mm wide cabinets:- Carefully install the front vertical profiles on the installed “Box Spacers” on either side, using supplied cage nuts and bolts

(b) Installing vertical cable management:-  Locate and align the vertical cable management holes to the holes on the previously installed box spacers using 2 screws per box spacer

5) Installing vertical mounting profiles:- Install the vertical profiles on to the horizontal support bars

6) Installing the side panel stoppers onto the frames: – There are 8 small right-angled panel stoppers with three holes plus screws and 8 rubber shock absorbers 4 for each side of the frame (Qty may vary for smaller height cabinets).

7) Installing grommets and lock to side panel: –  Using the 4 grommets and 4 screws provided, attach 2 grommets per side to the base panel

8) Install front door using hinge pins

9) Fix the front door locks

10) Fix the front door catch

11) Install rear door and lock mechanism: – Insert the top and bottom rods into the brackets and align the square hole in the locking catch with the square peg and slot it in and screw it to the lock.

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