Outdoor Router VS Outdoor CPE – Which One is the Best?

Technology keeps advancing, and with every new algorithm, devices and gadgets also crop up to support these changes. There are many gadgets in the market today that aid technology, and sometimes, users can get confused by the different types of devices like routers and CPE’s. The one question that most people want to know is whether router and CPE are the same things, or they are different. 

These two devices perform an almost similar role and have very little difference to distinguish between the two. 

Outdoor Router Vs Outdoor CPE: Let’s explore!

Outdoor Router

For instance, an outdoor router is a gadget created to provide high-speed internet to businesses and industries, mostly in remote areas with poor or low network service.  It is easy to get internet connectivity with an outdoor router, even if you are in a remote area. The world has become a village thanks to the internet; therefore, geographical location cannot stop you from accessing the internet as long as you have an outdoor router. 

This router can either be on a wall or at a central point where reception is guaranteed. It has a potent receptor on the antenna, which makes it convenient and practical. The antenna boosts reception on cellular gadgets, as well as wireless internet access points. The internet provided by the outdoor router is reliable and convenient, making communication easy even when located in a remote area. 

Routers generally connect multiple devices to form what is known as a local area network (LAN). It will connect phones, tablets, computers, and other devices in one area. It also provides internet access to all these devices as long as they are compatible. Routers also have a firewall that protects devices from hackers and other internet threats.


The number one advantage of an outdoor router is that it can be shared among various devices at the same time, without interruptions, which means you can create a mobile office anywhere you go.

Signal Strength: It has a powerful signal strength that you can still have access to the internet and network even in the remotest of places. However, for the cellular network, you need to be near the router to make a call through your hand-held device.

Virtual connectivity: Someone can still connect to the internet outside the office or your home. It has a pop-up 4G suitable for temporary locations like exhibitions and shows that require the internet for efficiency. 

Connectivity on transit: Buses, trains, and boats can be fitted with routers to allow travelers access to the internet while en-route. Passengers can still have a mobile office, read and respond to emails, and even have a virtual office while in transit. Students can finish their assignments and submit them on time while commuting. Life does not need to stop because you are traveling. 

Prevention against downtime: Routers prevent downtime in business! It offers a back-up for when Ethernet WAN fails or has a technical hitch. Your operations don’t need to stop because of a technical snag. 


The following are the drawbacks of outdoor routers:

Network protocols: Routers follow a strict network protocol in the set-up such that, when you miss out on one stage, you may not have access to the internet.

Costly: Routers are expensive to set up compared to other network devices. The cost of maintenance is also high. 

Time consumption: Routers consume a lot of time during configuration. They take a while to analyze data from layer 1 through to 3. They also require a lot of structures before operations begin.

Outdoor CPE

CPE or Customer Premises Equipment is hardware in the telecommunications industry placed near an office or a home to provide wireless access to the internet. It is always placed in the outdoors to receive internet signals, boost it, and send it to different areas. Outdoor CPE, however, cannot receive alerts from wireless 3G or 4G networks

A CPE is a specialized gadget meant to repeat the Wi-Fi signal and extend it to another area. They are basically like a secondary router that receives signal strength from a primary router and extends it to users in different parts of the building. It is a specialized gadget meant to strengthen network signals. 


Improved Signal Strength: A notable advantage of outdoor CPE is that it increases connectivity. It acts as a secondary router, but tapping connectivity from the primary router and extending it to other building areas, thereby improving signal strength. 

Robust Transmission: Outdoor CPE has a powerful transmission capability, more than a mobile phone such that in areas without mobile phone coverage, CPE can still have a signal.

Change of network signal: CPE can transform network signals from the operator’s network to Wi-Fi signal so that all the devices capable of using Wi-Fi can be turned on and still access the internet in case the operator’s network is down. 

Adaptable: An outdoor CPE easily adapts to the environment and, therefore, can be used indoors as well.


Cannot be used alone: CPE cannot work alone to access the internet. They need other equipment like modem, switches, and controllers, among other devices. It becomes less convenient without other devices connected to it. 



If you are looking for an internet connection in a remote area, then the outdoor router is the best bet because of its powerful receptors. It has a powerful antenna to receive a signal from the furthest of places and distribute the signals to all the devices connected to it. With an outdoor router, you can upgrade from 3G to 4G to improve network signals. It provides 300mbps of data, which is pretty fast, and it can serve up to 57 users simultaneously. 

Wondering which one is the best between Outdoor Router and Outdoor CPE? The answer lies in your needs. If you need access to the internet in your home or have a small business, then an outdoor router will also be the best bet if you stay or work in a remote location. Large companies or homes near a significant town may use an outdoor CPE for effective and efficient access to the internet; because large organizations require many access points and switches, which an outdoor CPE can provide. 

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