Things to consider when buying a network switch


A switch is used to connect multiple devices such as computers, wireless access points, printers and servers on the same network. It enables the connected devices to share information and talk to each other. You need a switch to keep your users reliably and securely connected around the clock. When purchasing a switch, here are some factors to consider depending on your network needs.

  • Number of users

The number of users you need to connect will determine what kind of switch you will need in regards to the ports. Users include devices like printers, VoIP phones, surveillance cameras, firewalls and wireless access point. You should also consider adding 15 percent to your current port count to accommodate unforeseen requirements.

  • Speed

A switch can easily slow down your network if you buy the wrong switch. For better performance, the switch should support the fastest speed in use on a given network. You should also consider how fast the device can actually switch and change which computer is connected to which at any given time. Look for a 10|100|1000 or better known as gigabit Ethernet ports. This port will automatically sense and use the fastest speed shared by the sending and receiving devices. In addition, a full duplex switch which can send a full speed signal at the same time that it receives a full speed signal can operate up to twice as quickly as a half duplex switch.

  • Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet eliminates the need for electrical wiring for your devices. PoE offers you the flexibility of installing your devices anywhere you want them while saving you cost of material.

  • Managed vs unmanaged

Managed switch gives you the ability to manually configure, monitor, and manage the devices on your network. A managed switch makes it possible to manage, configure, monitor and troubleshoot issues with your network. Unmanaged switches on the other hand serve only one purpose: to provide Ethernet devices with network connections so they can communicate with one another. Because they don’t allow for configuration or require setup, unmanaged switches cannot control network traffic; however, this also makes them easy to deploy.


Depending on your need and budget, the above factors will help guide you when it comes to purchasing a switch. You can contact us here at Hubtech Limited for more information or schedule a consultation in order for us to cater to your every need. Check out our Shop for more information and equipment.

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