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An intercom system is a two-way communication electronic device that contains circuitry for the purpose of transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions.

Types of Intercom Systems

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Wireless Intercoms: In applications where wires cannot be run, a wireless system is used. There are a broad spectrum of two-way wireless communication devices that include such devices as handheld radios, outdoor wireless call boxes, as well as traditional desktop devices. The range these units will transmit varies widely based on the wireless technology used.

Wired Intercom Systems: When you can run wires between locations, a wired system can give you a little more privacy and eliminate possible interference from neighboring systems. There are different wire types such as 2-wire shielded or Cat-5/6 that can be used with these systems. If you are considering a video system, a wired unit may be the best solution.

Video Intercom: These typically have a unit that has a camera, speaker, and a push button that goes at an entrance door, and an internal monitor unit that can communicate with the entrance unit. Some systems can have multiple video monitors internally. Given the difficulty of sending video over the airwaves at very much distance without interference, most available units are wired.

Apartment Intercoms: This type of system has a door unit at an entrance door and then each apartment or flat has either one or multiple units that can speak to the door and possibly see the visitor, or the door unit rings a landline or cellular telephone number. A visitor simply presses the correct button for the apartment they want to speak to, and the tenant can speak back and then press a button to unlock the door.

Two-Way Radios: There are two-way radios that communicate with base station intercoms. So you can have the flexibility of a mobile radio that communicates over long distances mixed with the capability a fixed intercom gives you.

Security intercom systems: Security intercom systems are used to provide voice communications between two or more locations for security purposes. Security intercom systems are frequently used between a locked building entrance door and a constantly attended location in the building.

Benefits of Home Intercoms

  • Beef up your home security. Home intercom serves as an extra security system. If someone comes to your door, you can first ask the person to identify himself or herself before you open up your door. If you spot an intruder around your home, you can discreetly alert other people or security agency.
  • Provide a medical alert system. Intercoms could also spell the difference between life and death as this can be used as medical alerts systems. This is particularly useful if your household includes children, elderly or sick family members. You can easily and regularly check on them using the intercom system.
  • Allow private calls among household members. Modern wireless intercom systems offer private call feature. You can call the specific rooms you want to call without leaving a trace. So, if you want to talk about some confidential things but don’t want other household members to see you actually talking or hear your conversation, then you can use intercoms. Digital intercom systems use codes and security features that are impossible to breach.

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