Difference Between Server Rack and Cabinet

You might think that a server rack and server cabinet is the same thing. But, that’s not the case at all. It is true that they fulfill the same purpose of accommodating server equipment in an organized manner. But, there are some fundamental differences between these two. In a nutshell, the difference between a cabinet and a rack is that racks are open and have open sides, while cabinets are fully enclosed.  But first, let’s discuss in detail what they are and how they differ. 

What is a Server Rack?

The term ‘Rack’ represents a structure which is built with a series of shelves stacked one above another. Most of us already should know this. Normally, a server rack is open on all sides. It doesn’t have any side panels and even doors. And, it is used to house server related gears like PSU, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Storage Drive, and so on.

What is a server Cabinet?

A server cabinet is also used for the same purpose — to accommodate server related gears. But a server cabinet is not open. Rather, it is enclosed from all sides with doors and side panels. And, this is the topmost difference between a server rack and a cabinet.

The difference between Server Racks and Cabinets:

  • The size:

Normally, server cabinets come in a lot of sizes and shapes. But, the standard height of a server cabinet is about 19 inches. And the depth would be about 36 inches. However, there are some server cabinets which come with more depth and half the height. In contrast, a server rack mostly comes with plenty of depth. Also, you will have a lot of space in a server rack which is open compared to an enclosed cabinet.

  • The Design:

The main distinction between a server rack and a cabinet is in the design. The cabinets are enclosed. And, you can access to the equipment inside of the server cabinet through a door. Usually, the door will have locks and will also have ventilation systems. But, you won’t see this type of side panels or even any doors in a server rack. It will mostly be open.

  • Security:

If you want to be secured, then you should go for a server cabinet. As these come with doors which can be locked. But, as the server racks are open, you might find it hard to keep your server equipment safe. However, if you have a private server cage, you can get a server rack. So that you can keep the rack inside the server cage for better security.

  • Cable Management

Cable management is one of the most crucial things to consider while you are building your server. Ideally, a server doesn’t have a lot of cables to deal with. But, in case you have many cables, then you would be happy to get a server rack. Because it is very easy to organize your cables in a rack than an enclosed server cabinet.

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