Why UPS Systems are Essential for Your Business

A UPS is a device that provides emergency power after an initial electricity source fails. UPS units are commonly used by companies that need to ensure minimal downtime to their resources as they ensure that during a brief power outage, a network device may continue to run. In short, business continuity tends to be the main focus…and for good reason.

How does a UPS system work?

A UPS delivers backup power if a primary power source fails or voltage falls below a predetermined level. In this instance, the system safely provides power for a set amount of time.

The size and design of a UPS determines how much power will be provided and how long it will be provided. If the system runs out of backup power, it allows business users to safely shut down any connected equipment.

Reasons Why your Business needs a UPS System

Prevent Damage to Equipment

A powerful electrical surge has the potential to short out a router, switch, or entire server beyond repair. A UPS system can detect power surges, spikes, and dips as they happen. The system automatically switches to alternate power, and as a result, protects against these issues before they cause damage.

Prevent Loss of Data

Your employees may work diligently at their computers, and they may store a wide range of information on them. But, if a power outage occurs, your business risks data loss. Once your company loses data, it may require significant time and resources to recover it. In the worst-case scenario, your company could lose this data altogether.

A UPS system minimizes the risk of data loss due to a power outage. The system keeps business computers running, even if a primary power source is disrupted. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing critical data.

UPS systems guard against power interruptions

Power interruptions make it virtually impossible for businesses to provide customers with the products and services they demand in real-time. As a result, power outages can cause revenue losses, damage brand reputation, and cause other long-lasting problems for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. With a UPS system in place, your business is well-equipped to avoid a power outage that otherwise hampers your ability to serve its customers. A UPS system keeps your critical systems running, so your employees can use these systems to achieve their desired results.

UPS systems protect against “bad” electricity

There is no guarantee that your business devices have a clean, consistent supply of electricity. In fact, direct alternating current sometimes results in power fluctuations that can cause electronic devices to deteriorate.

A UPS system can filter electricity as it is delivered to your business devices. For example, a line-interactive UPS system refines power as it comes into the system and adjusts its output accordingly. In doing so, the system ensures that business systems receive clean, consistent power.

Prevent Connectivity Issues

Uninterruptible power supplies are commonly used in protecting switches and routers from damage. The reason for this is that if there is a power surge or outage that affects the switch or router, an entire network can be taken down, affecting the ability of everyone working in that area, causing them to be unable to complete any work. Further, any current data transfers will be halted and data loss may occur. This is why having a UPS to protect your network equipment is beneficial in ensuring your work continues to get done even during times when such issues occur.


A UPS system is a must-have for essential businesses. Take into account the benefits of installing an uninterruptible power supply or multiple units into your network when making the decision of whether or not it is worth it for your business or personal needs. While installing multiple uninterruptible power supplies may be costly, it may also be necessary if you have a lot of data flowing through your network that would be difficult to replace if lost. At Hubtech Limited we offer a wide offer a wide range of UPS Systems. Contact us for more information on the right UPS system for your business.

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