What are intercom systems?

An intercom system is an electronic device that enables two-way communication between people. Intercom systems also allow people in a building to grant property access to visitors by opening a door or gate remotely. They are classified into three types: analog, digital, and IP-based. Intercom systems continue to gain new features every day. Thanks to today’s modernity, we can transmit and receive audio and video digitally.

What are the types of intercom systems?

There are a wide variety of intercom systems currently available. Some are wireless, while others are wired. They are for apartment use, while others are for commercial buildings.

The most common types of intercom systems are as follows:

Wireless Intercoms:

Wireless intercoms rely on invisible radio frequencies known as spectrum, which carry the signal that enables all wireless devices to operate. There are a broad spectrum of two-way wireless communication devices that include such devices as handheld radios, outdoor wireless callboxes, as well as traditional desktop devices.

The range these units will transmit varies widely based on the wireless technology used. And cellular connections often require commercial-grade plans that maintain a constant, high-bandwidth connection to the cellular network. So, we recommend connecting your intercom directly to the internet via an ethernet cable.

Wired Intercom Systems:

When you can run wires between locations, a wired system can give you a little more privacy and eliminate possible interference from neighboring systems. If you are considering a video system, a wired unit may be the best solution.

Video Intercom:

Video intercoms feature a unit with a speaker and a camera for video transmissions. It’s a stand-alone intercom system that’s used to manage calls made at a building entrance for security purposes.

The access is controlled by audiovisual communication between the person on the outside and the person on the inside. This enables the person indoors to verify the identity of the visitor prior to granting entry on the front door.

Apartment Intercoms:

This type of system has a door unit at an entrance door and then each apartment or flat has either one or multiple units that can speak to the door and possibly see the visitor, or the door unit rings a landline or cellular telephone number.

A visitor simply presses the correct button for the apartment they want to speak to, and the tenant can speak back and then press a button to unlock the door.

Two-Way Radios:

While two-way radios aren’t classified as intercoms, they are capable of communicating with base station intercoms. What this does is give you the flexibility of a fixed intercom along with a mobile radio that can communicate over long distances.


Some intercoms require wiring between the base station and every master station, while others operate wirelessly. Intercoms can also offer audio communication only (buzzer systems) or audio and video communication (video intercoms). Intercom systems improve property access for a wide variety of properties. Any property with an entrance that requires managed access will benefit from an intercom system.

Having a good understanding of what intercom systems are will enable you to choose the correct type that fits your specific applications. If you’re unsure of which intercom works best for you, contact Hubtech Limited so that we can recommend the right solution.

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