Microsoft Teams Phone: Revolutionizing Business Communication

microsoft teams phone

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, seamless and efficient communication is crucial for business success. Microsoft Teams Phone is at the forefront of transforming how organizations communicate internally and externally. As a part of Microsoft Teams, a comprehensive collaboration platform, Teams Phone integrates calling capabilities with the platform’s robust suite of tools, offering a versatile and powerful solution for modern business communication needs.

What is Microsoft Teams Phone System?

“Phone System” by Microsoft is the technology available for companies to enable call control and PBX capabilities in the Microsoft 365 cloud. The system works with Teams clients and certified devices, to bring telephony into Microsoft Teams. 

With Phone System, calls between users in your organizations are handled internally, with no connection to the PSTN. For external calls, there are different options for connecting to the PSTN. 

The Evolution of Microsoft Teams Phone

Launched as an extension of Microsoft Teams, which itself became widely popular for its collaboration and video conferencing features. Teams Phone was developed to meet the growing demand for unified communication systems. It offers a cloud-based phone system that eliminates the need for traditional PBX hardware. Also providing businesses with a scalable and flexible telephony solution.

Key Features

  • Modern Authentication, allowing users to sign in either with their username or password or by signing in on another device like their PC or Smartphone.
  • Quick access to contacts, call history and voicemail.
  • Ability to join meetings with a single touch and view your calendar of upcoming meetings.
  • Receive calls for Call Queues.
  • Manage calls for Executives with the delegate feature, allowing assistants to intercept incoming calls; make calls on the executive’s behalf, take over calls the executive has placed on hold, and monitor whether the executive is on a call, on hold and so on
  • Hot Desking allows users to sign into a phone and access all their contacts, meetings, and other preferences, then sign out when they’re done and leave the phone ready for the next users.
  • Ability to transfer calls between devices.
  • If supported, make and receive video calls and join video conferences.
  • Provide higher levels of accessibility like high contrast text.
  • Dynamic and enhanced E911 support

Applications of teams phones

Remote Work: With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, Teams Phone has become an essential tool for businesses looking to maintain seamless communication among distributed teams. Employees can make and receive business calls from their home offices, ensuring that work continues uninterrupted.

Customer Support: Teams Phone’s advanced call management features are ideal for customer support centers. The ability to manage high call volumes, route calls efficiently, and integrate with CRM systems helps support teams deliver superior customer service.

Sales and Marketing: Sales teams can benefit from Teams Phone by integrating it with their sales tools, enabling them to make calls directly from their CRM systems. This integration helps track customer interactions and improves sales processes.

The benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone



Microsoft Teams has introduced powerful collaboration tools, such as instant messaging and easy file sharing, to many organizations. Teams Phone builds on this by allowing users to make and receive phone calls within the same app.

Use any Device

Because Microsoft Teams can truly operate on any device, from any location, so too can Teams Phone. Users can choose to make and receive phone calls on any iPhone or Android device, computer or even a physical telephone handset.

Advanced call reporting

Microsoft Teams Phone integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI for advanced business intelligence reporting and analytics. By using Power BI to report on your telephony usage across the organization, you will be able to identify opportunities to improve customer service, streamline processes and reduce costs.

Auto Attendants and Call Queues

The solution is a fully-fledged business IVR system that allows users to incorporate voice inputs, nested menus, directory search, and timed actions.

Cost Saving

By adopting Teams Phone, organizations can avoid expensive maintenance contracts for ageing on-premises PBX systems. You might already be eligible for the service as part of your current Microsoft agreement!

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?  

You can use existing number through a process called Number Porting . This is the process whereby your existing phone numbers are moved from your old telephony provider to a new provider. It can be complex and needs to be closely managed as part of your implementation in order to avoid disruption. 


Microsoft Teams Phone is revolutionizing business communication by offering a versatile, integrated, and cost-effective solution. As organizations navigate the complexities of modern work environments, the ability to maintain seamless and efficient communication has never been more critical. With its robust feature set and cloud-based flexibility, Teams Phone is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of businesses and help them thrive in a connected world.

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