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Hikvision Distributor, Supplier, Reseller, Installer
Hikvision Distributor, Supplier, Reseller, Installer

Techyshop CCTV Shop in Nairobi, Kenya offers Secure offers a wide range of security cameras and surveillance systems for commercial and domestic purposes. Our range includes Analogue HD CVI, Analog Hybrid HD TVI CCTV and IP CCTV and all the accessories you will need – We no longer provide standard definition CCTV camcorders!
We have authorized resellers and distributors of the world’s # 1 video surveillance manufacturer, such as Hikvison, and the world’s # 2 Dahua manufacturer – as authorized resellers, you know that the products you get are authentic and matched. a manufacturer’s warranty.
We also offer a price promise. If you find a cheaper product elsewhere, we will do everything in our power to match that price. Whatever your need for commercial or home video surveillance cameras, with TECHYSHOP CCTV SHOP IN KENYA Secure, you are forced to find the perfect product that meets your needs.
We offer high-quality security cameras in KENYA at an affordable price. So you do not have to go anywhere else. We also offer free shipping for orders over Ksh. 30,000.00 If you are looking for something to improve the security of your home or business, you will find it here.

Choosing the right type of security Cameras  and system

At the Hubtech Video Surveillance Store in Nairobi, we will be happy to advise you on the type of security camera that best suits your needs. Your budget will determine the format you can afford, which will allow you to choose the number of cameras you want and the CCTV systems that will fit within your price range. You may want a security camera for the home or perhaps a desktop or commercial camera, whatever the purpose of our mission.
We consider resolution to be the most important factor in your purchase decision – a higher resolution will produce a better picture with your CCTV cameras. We advise all customers to buy the highest resolution within their budget. For more information on choosing the type of security system that’s right for you, check out the CCTV Product Catalog designed to make it easy to buy a CCTV camera online.

Watch CCTV cameras on the Internet

Almost all our products are compatible with remote display, which allows the user to connect to the system and view it remotely via the Internet from any device with an Internet connection, allowing you to monitor your home security camera during your vacation! Many of our online products are equipped with night vision technology, which means you may be able to monitor the situation if the weather is very good or the night is very dark. Other technologies available include motion sensor and networking. Use our search function to find the product that suits you and register or login to see our great prices.
Although the process can be complicated, we are happy to help any customer who orders an item that can be networked with us. Simply call us when you are trying to network and we will offer any advice you may have. We offer unique CCTV cameras, but also multiple camera system options ranging from dual packs to 16 camera kits.
A modern CCTV camera system can be a perfect complement to any smart home CCTV Security solution. If you are looking for a CCTV camera, whether for an indoor or outdoor system, we can help you.
Our range of CCTV cameras includes analog CCTV, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI and IP cameras. It is important to note that these formats are not compatible with each other. It is therefore recommended to stick to a single format. If you need help choosing a security camera or what size to buy, just give us a call.
If you have any questions or have a look at our online CCTV catalog in Nairobi. The purchase guide is there to help you make the right decision for your home security camera system.

IP CCTV camera systems

For greater flexibility and ease of access from remote locations, the units in this category are an excellent option. Together with an NVR, they provide a convenient solution for customers who want to be able to move their equipment regularly without having to deflect the cables every time they do so.

CCTV analog DVR HD-CVI CCTV recorders

Our range of HD-CVI CCTV recorders offers recording resolutions of up to 1080P HD. Some of these recorders are “Tribrid”, which means they will work with standard definition analog cameras, high definition HD-CVI and IP CCTV, which makes them ideal for those who want flexibility or those who upgrade from older systems.
Another benefit of HD-CVI is the ability to send video, audio and data with a single coaxial cable. This means that you can control cameras with motorized lenses, even PTZ cameras with a coaxial cable, there would be no need for additional RS485 cables. But make sure your HD-CVI cameras also support this function.
There is a reason why TECHYSHOP CCTV SHOP IN KENYA Secure has left many satisfied customers in both Kenya and East Africa
Not only do we have truly advanced technology when it comes to property surveillance, but we also have the knowledge and customer service skills to provide individualized solutions to our clients. This means that you can take care of your home or office by choosing an unmanned system that suits your specific needs. Whether you buy a complete security kit or create your own when buying individual high definition cameras and DVR, you can take care of your property, avoiding vandalism and theft with very little hassle.
Please take a look at our website to see what we can offer you. Alternatively, you can call or send an email to our team to discuss the various solutions to your security problems. In any case, TECHYSHOP CCTV SHOP IN KENYA is guaranteed to provide the support you want.

High-quality resolution CCTV & Crystalline vision

When protecting any type of premises, it is important to have a good idea of what is happening. Whether you’re on the site or watching remotely, TECHYSHOP CCTV SHOP IN KENYA can help you through our high-quality HD-SDI cameras. Equipped with a high-definition digital serial interface, these cameras will capture excellent quality images both day and night at 1080P, as well as watch HDTV. This will allow you to see exactly what is happening without you having to guess all the blur and static. Since you’re used to watching HD movies and TV shows, why not get the same out of your CCTV as well? Simply buy some of these innovative cameras, install them and reap the rewards as you get a clearer view of what happens 24 hours a day in your home or office. These cameras are a worthwhile purchase and they will provide a whole series of protection benefits later on.

NVR network video recorders

Network video recorders are used with IP cameras, they can record a variety of resolutions, including 1080P Full HD and higher. Many of the NVRs we offer have integrated PoE ports: this allows the recorder to power the IP cameras directly (as long as they are also PoE), which means you do not need additional power supplies or cables, just an Ethernet cable (Cat5). the camera directly to the NVR makes installation considerably easier!
As with all intellectual property products, please stick to the brand. So, if you buy a Hikvision NVR, use it only with the Hikvision cameras.

IP CCTV camera systems

Due to a large number of clients we have dealt with over the years, we have a good understanding of what private individuals and commercial organizations want from the CCTV systems they buy.
In most cases, instead of being dazzled by the technical specifications and listening to the endless sales launches that extol the virtues of the latest technologies to use, what they really want is a set of components that are easy to install, use and maintain and provide with years of service without problems. In our opinion, the IP network kits that we offer here, consisting of cameras and recorders with Internet protocol, fit perfectly into the bill and we are sure you will agree. If you want to install a system that takes advantage of modern technology but is not difficult to operate, these packages could be just what you were looking for.

Easy configuration, Training for utilizing CCTV

Most of our IP systems are very easy to configure, in fact, they are automatically detected once you connect the camera to the PoE ports built into the back of the NVR. Simply connect the cameras one by one, waiting each time the recorder detects them and then display the camera images on the monitor before connecting the next camera.
All our IP kits can be networked and viewed remotely from anywhere in the world through a PC or smartphone. This requires configuration in your network. This means that you do not need to be on the site, you can log in and control the system from anywhere with Internet access, which is practically everywhere now that cellular networks 3 and 4G have been deployed in countries around the world. If you want a flexible surveillance solution that does not cost a fortune, we recommend that you check the packages that can be found on this page.