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Laptop and Desktop Distributor
Laptop and Desktop Distributor

Computing  is the procedure for exploiting computer technology in order to finalize a process. In a nutshell, it involves both the software and hardware parts. Howbeit, it may also involve computer infrastructure. At HUBTECH, we understand that with the advent of computing, it is very hard to separate people from computing technology and therefore we  understand what our customers need. For instance, lashing out a credit or debit card, using a cell phone, sending an email entails some form of computing.

We stock diverse varieties of computing products such as laptops, desktops, POS systems just to name a few. Shop an awesome collection of durable and high-quality laptops at HUBTECHSHOP. Go through our top collection of quality laptops such as HP Elitebook, HP Probook, HP Envy, Toshiba Satellite, Apple MacBook, HP Pavilion, Apple MacBook Pro and Many more. If you need to make purchases  of point of sale products in Kenya, HUBTECH is the leading dealer in point of sale system. We have many years of experience in point of sale technology. We stock all the POS systems in the market. We also offer solution based systems that can integrate your POS systems to the market needs. We also stock projector screens at affordable prices. Shop projectors and screens right here on HUBTECH for your personal use for official purposes. A projector is a box-like device and consists of a small round lens which makes it feasible to project onto the screen. It works by being connected to the computer. Projector screens also needed when you are getting the projectors since they make it easy for the audience to see the projections


Computer Storage

1TB Internal storage


Point on Sale (POS) System

Touch Dynamic Point of Sale (POS)


Point on Sale (POS) System

Touch Dynamic Point of Sale (POS)


Point on Sale (POS) System

Mini Swipe Reader MSR for POS



Much more than a computer, a laptop is your social, entertainment, education and business hub. Whatever you need to use your laptop for, we at HUBTECHSHOP can help you find the right one.  The best place to start is in our shop. We have specifically selected laptops that feature the latest technology and are full of exciting features It is very rare to find a company that does not use Laptops to carry on their daily tasks. They are easy and portable. Besides using it in the office, the student can use it in school or anywhere since it has a backup power which stores power for up to 8 hours. There are very many distinctions between a laptop and a desktop but the two major reasons apparent in all of them is that the laptop has an edge over desktop due to its portability. Laptops are used to perform various functions such as watching movies, 3D modeling, and making research, writing projects, connecting to the internet, saving important files and documents and more

Choosing the Right Laptop

Shopping for laptops online can be tiring due to the diverse options. These options make you wonder which you should go for. But at HUBTECH, we will guide you to understand the important things to look out for.

  • This is the main component of the laptop. It is a circuit where all the connections are integrated together. There are different motherboards: ATX (advanced technology extended, Advanced Technology (AT), Baby AT motherboards which is a combination of AT and XT and XT (extended Technology) motherboards
  • Brand: Many people buy laptop according to the brand name since they trust the brand. This is an imperative criterion since there are several top brands offering unique specifications. You can choose from these brands -HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple and many more
  • There are several components that make a laptop, one of the most significant is the microprocessor also known as CPU. The CPU performs various operations with a clock driven programmable gadget inserted in the motherboard. The microprocessor takes in the binary data. In the same regard, digital data is taken as the input and processed to the memory. It operates on symbols and numbers at the binary level of the numerical system. In deciding which laptop to buy, consider the processor clock speed measured in Gigahertz (GHz).
  • RAM: It is the Random access Memory unit of the laptop and assists in storing instructions and operation on the temporal basis as long as the computer is on. When the computer is turned off, it losses all the information in the memory. I work together with the processor in booting, the Operating System is loaded into RAM alongside other files and programs. It is measured in Gigabytes. A minimum of 4GB RAM should be what you should consider when making purchases at our shop
  • Internal Storage Memory. The new generation of laptops come with two options: SSD (Solid State Drive) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The SSD is the successor to HDD with much more improved functionality and speed. During booting, SSD boots ten times faster than HDD. Howbeit, it doesn’t support enough space as HDD but with advances in technology, it will get there definitely. For a suitable laptop, select one with both SSD and HDD. For a HDD, a minimum of 500GB is ideal and for the SSD 128GB is ideal
  • Connectivity: This includes wireless and ports technology such as Bluetooth which must be present. It is advisable to stick to laptops with three Universal Serial Bus ports (USB ports). Bluetooth connections enable transfer and sharing of documents and files. Wi-Fi card is another important feature to look out for. It enables you to connect to wireless networks in order to surf the web

Where to Buy Laptops in Kenya

Shop an awesome collection of durable and high-quality laptops at HUBTECHSHOP. Go through our top collection of quality laptops such as HP Elitebook, HP Probook, HP Envy, Toshiba Satellite, Apple MacBook, HP Pavilion, Apple MacBook Pro and Many more. Get the best deals on laptops today. Orders yours now or visit our physical shop on Kimathi Street, Old Mutual Building Second Floor, and Room 205e.

The point on Sale (POS) System

Considering to purchase a Point of Sale software and hardware? Search no more! HUBTECH is a stockists of POS software and hardware, barcode scanners, thermal printers, cash registers and drawers, money and bill counters and many more. You can either choose to shop at our online platform or visit our physical shop at Kimathi Street in Nairobi Kenya. In this essence we will ensure that you get what you need. Before buying a POS system, it is imperative to understand the meaning and the usage of POS. POS is a system that performs operation between the customer and the seller of goods and merchandise. It ensures that there is a real time interaction and enable the customer in stock taking and inventory control. The POS system is typically used by the merchants to complete sales transactions. It combines both the software and the hardware part for the optimal results of payments and inventory. Technically, a cash register can also be considered a a POS system since it assists the users in the end product.

Various Sort of Point of Sale Systems

1. Restaurant POS Systems

The restaurant will need a POS system to accept payments. Additionally, the owner of the restaurant will need to track inventory, tax & financial information. Most of the point of sale systems have reporting features to monitor transaction type, time and date.  If you have a restaurant, you can add more features to optimize on the operations. Most of the POS for instance allow putting and sending a request directly to the kitchen printer which increases food preparation and staff efficiency. Another advantage is that it will track food usage and inventory. One will be able to follow the payroll with built-in clock features

2. Bar POS Systems

Most of the restaurant POS can be used for bars. You will need a faster system that integrates between the bar and the restaurant in a fast and efficient way to ensure success at the long run. For the bars that have many customers, speed features & functions are need for faster check in & out. The faster the user transact, the happier the customers and the more the revenue. The features for a nightclub can involve various functions such as; bar tab management, employee management, customer management, recipe features, inventory control, easy reorder drinks and express check-out.

3. Retail

Retail systems are basically for the retail setups. A retail POS is a system that includes barcode scanners and digital scales for scanning and weighing. With the advent of retail technology, we have so much development in that we have systems that can give you reports at the end of the day. The user can get the customer, sales, tax, vendor and inventory reports at the click of button.

  1. Spa & Salon

Hair salon and spas will need to have that one specific POS options due to its nature. There are different options inherent systems. An appointment calendar, reminder, customer data base can be integrated with previous inventory management, nail styles and haircuts, retail particular, scheduling of employees and management which are necessary to have.

5. Small Business POS Systems

POS for small businesses comes in many sizes, shapes, and flavors

Where to Buy POS Software in  Kenya

Looking for POS software in Kenya? Look no further, HUBTECH is a dealer in Accounting, inventory software and all types of the software listed above. We have the cheapest POS software for bookshops, beauty parlors, supermarkets, stores, bars, hotels, and restaurant and grocery shops. This is an alternative to Sage and QuickBooks but more powerful than Quick books or Sage. We also stock POS hardware. Kenyan retailers looking to capitalize on retail market and growing need to understand the importance of organizing their small core business. With plenty of Inventory and Accounting POS software solution, choosing one that caters your needs is critical

Key Features of Point of Sale

  • Touch Enabled
  • Discounts & Taxes
  • Sales Returns
  • Home Delivery
  • Storefront & Back office Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Combo/Pack Management
  • Credit Sales for Registered Customers
  • Reconciliation for Cash Balance
  • Easy to use utilities for data import
  • Procurement Management
  • Plug & Play of Devices

Point of sale hardware in Kenya

Whether you’re using an electronic cash register or POS system, you’ll need a compatible cash drawer for holding currency, coins, and other items. Point of sale hardware request is determined by the business. The pos hardware in a restaurant may be different from point of sale hardware for supermarket because of touchscreen monitors. We stock Thermal printers, touch screens, cash registers, MSRs and many more

Projectors and Projectors Screens

Looking to buy a projector or projector screen In Kenya or East Africa? HUBTECHSHOP is a leading dealer and supplier of projectors from top brands including Epson, Sony, BenQ among others. A customer can make purchases at our physical shop or order online and the projector will be delivered to your location through your preferred means

Best Projectors & Screens In Kenya

The projector screen is devices used in connection with laptop or computers to make data on your computer larger so that a number of people can see. Projectors are beneficial in many settings. In office and business settings, projector and projector screens are used for presentations. Presentations are needed when you need to explain or you need to share an idea with the team. In this case, it would be hard to get your audience to comprehend what you are trying to say unless you find a way to project your idea on the screen. Projector screens can also be used in informal settings like when several people need to see a video or moving. They can also be used in churches where there is a congregation of people and they will need to see the speaker clearly.

Projectors & Screens at HUBTECHShop

Shop projectors and screens right here on HUBTECH for your personal use for official purposes. A projector is a box-like a device and consists of a small round lens which makes it feasible to project onto the screen. It works by being connected to the computer. Projector screens also needed when you are getting the projectors since they make it easy for the audience to see the projections. They are white in color to reflect the colors from the projector. They also come with a control device or a pointer so that you can change what is being projected without necessarily coming into contact with the system. In essence, this does not help us to reduce the stress and time it would take to present if that is what you are doing. You can get authentic projector and screens at affordable prices at HUBTECH.

Where to get original projection screens

If you need original projector and projector screens and you also want a high-quality display for seminars, meetings or shows, then you should shop at HUBTECH shop and get the best quality screen at the best prices. You can also purchase a home theatre system to amplify your sound during presentations.


Your business computer is rendered useless without security software and productivity. You cannot get much to be performed with just a basic text platform. You will require being more productive and installing OS such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Programs such as the Microsoft office will be needed to perform the basic tasks such as editing a document, power point presentation and Microsoft mail outlook. A good antivirus software will needed to ensure optimal information security.

Taking Care of Business

Most of the organization operates with the traditional window professional. Howbeit, there is Windows 8 to 10. Maximum productivity in your area of work will need your PCs to have the basic software programs such as Microsoft office. The productivity suite of robust tools is indispensably uncontested quantity & quality of programs. Spreadsheets, power points, Word Document are absolutely within your confines when you need to install. Based o your field, howbeit, other special programs may be needed to achieve the desired results like in movie making. The user should take caution on the mere fact that cyber security is a key element in today’s world. Basically, antivirus and malware protectors should be incorporated to overcome online threats and attacks. Data has been breached. Save yourself from such hustle. At HUBTECH, we offer antivirus software. In stock, we have Kaspersky, Norton and many more since data breaches are too common.


From traditional monitor and desktop setups to stylish all in one PCS, from gaming and business powerhouse to a friendly environment, we at HUBTECH have the right desktops for you.

  • Stylish, sleek all in one desktop for business, family, and gaming
  • Performance desktops for professionals, and gamers who need serious horsepower
  • Groundbreaking compact desktop for your office and home
  • Budget desktops that deliver value without sacrificing on performance.

Business Desktops

HUBTECH desktop powers the work lives for professional across Kenya. Engineered to maximize productivity, they are reliable, durable and secure. From factors range from Tower desktop to Ultra compact powerhouses to all in one computer. Gaming Desktops Dominate your competitors with our diverse range of computers that boasts powerful discrete graphics, maxed out storage and high-end processor and memory. Choose among compact, towers, all in ones and cool looking cube models Family and Entertainment Desktops Whether you are looking for stylish entertainment, easy to upgrade a tower, all in one desktop, a reliable family desktop or even a small size desktop, we have a PC to hit your sweet spot. We offer innovative portable all in ones.

Affordable Desktop Computers in Kenya

Desktop computers have several components. The main components remain the Keyboard, CPU, and monitor. There also other several components such as speakers, webcams, mouse, headphones and so on Desktop computers are also referred to as personal computers (PC). They can be used for typing and editing documents connect to the internet, saving important files, watch videos, listen to music, create or edit videos and images using third-party software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and other video editing software. Having a desktop at home can assist your kids in familiarizing with the use of computers. In a world where major works such as projectors, assignments, and term papers are done with computers, it will be a wise decision to buy a desktop and teach kids how to use it. Desktop computers can also be used as workstations if your work in a networking organization.

PCs at Lowest Prices on HUBTECH

Daily communication, tasks, and general life events get easier daily as technology grows. Many products have been made in computing worlds such as flash drives, laptops, printers, scanners and more. HUBTECH offers you the largest collection of computers from your favorite brands such as HP, Dell, Acer, Apple, and Asus among others. We also offer peripherals like storage devices, scanners and printers, monitors and other hardware to give the best infrastructural experience. Check out our special deals at competitive prices that few other electronic retailers will not have the capacity to offer you Compare the prices before making purchasing decisions. Our physical and online platform makes it convenient for customers to make an informed purchase decision. You can rely on us to keep you updated with the latest devices from a variety of customers to make use make a sound decision at the best price. We guarantee a good deal on durable and strong laptops from the best brands and it doesn’t matter whether they are new or refurbished. A computer is an integral part of the functionality of a business. For you to execute duties with utmost tenacity, you require a system that comprehends and befits your work ethics. This is the reason we have a diverse range of new HP laptops; used, refurbished and new.