Giganet Equipment Price List

Giganet Copper and Fiber Networking Products Distributors
Giganet Copper and Fiber Networking Products Distributors

Shop for quality Giganet Products at Hubtech Nairobi, We offer the best prices for Giganet products in Kenya, Our Giganet Shop in Kenya includes Network Infrastructure Cabling, Cabinets and Enclosures, Gigabit Web Smart Switches, Network Cameras , Access Control and VoIP Solutions. Giganet products are backed by warranty, support and training.
The Giganet products offer the best priced performance structured cabling system, globally sourced and manufactured to International quality standards. The solutions include end-to-end Cat 6A Shielded System, Cat 6 UTP System, Cable Management, Wire Mesh Cable Trays, Fiber Optic cabling systems supporting OM2 and OM3, Tools and Testers backed by a full comprehensive 25 year performance warranty. Giganet offers Certified Installer classroom based instructor led training.

Giganet Network Infrastructure Cabling Products:

Copper Category 6A 10G| Copper Category 6 UTP| Copper Category 6 Outdoor Cable |
Fibre Optic Cabling System | Faceplates & Accessories | Cable Management| Wire Mesh Trays | Tools & Testers

Giganet Category 6 UTP Cable

The Giganet Category 6 solid 4 pair UTP cable provides a considerable margin above all electrical transmission performance requirements and has been tested and independently verified to the highest International standards.

 Giganet Category 6 UTP Cable in Kenya

The Giganet Category 6 solid 4 pair UTP Value plus cable provides a considerable margin above all electrical transmission performance requirements and has been tested and independently verified to the highest international standards (UL Verified E301870 & 3P compliance statement no. 107380) to exceed ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-b.2-1 and ISO/IEC 11801 (2ndedition) standards..

Giganet Category 6 UTP Modules

The Giganet Category 6 UTP Work Area products are available in both the LJ6C (24mm W X 38.59mm H X 19.65mm D) and the standard Euro type (25mm W X 50mm H X 35mm D) to allow single, double and quad combinations with blanks.

Giganet Category 6 UTP 180 Degrees Keystone Jack Module

The Giganet Category 6 unshielded Keystone jack is manufactured using quality materials and engineering standards to exceed the latest EIA/TIA/568-B.2.1 performance at 250Mhz. The keystone jack outlet is suitable for mounting in a range of faceplates and patch panels.

Giganet Category 6 UTP Panel

The Giganet 24 and 48 port Cat6 UTP patch panel for 19″ racks. Giganet Cat6 UTP patch panels are designed to fit industry standard 19″ cabinets. These fully compliant panels are simple to install and provide excellent performance at a great price.

Giganet 50 Port 1U Voice Panel

The Giganet Voice Panels are an easy way to bring voice / PBX circuits into structured cabling. Each panel has 50 RJ45 ports and an integral rear cable management tray. Each port is numbered and each can be wired with up to 3 pairs.

 Giganet Category 6 UTP Patch Cords

The Giganet Category 6 patch cords when used with high performance Giganet Category 6 connectivity (solid UTP cable, patch panels and work area outlets) provide superior performance capabilities of high bandwidth applications support.

Giganet Faceplates Overview and Keystone Face-plates

The Giganet range of Faceplate allows for mounting a variety of Modules, Keystones, Adaptors and Blanks to suit all installation requirements. The faceplates are available in a wide range of designs including Euro and LJ6C sizes with blanks. The standard faceplates are available in white high impact plastics and is ABS UL 94V-0 compliant. Faceplates include labels and mounting screws.

Giganet LJ6C Faceplates & Accessories

The Giganet work area outlets when used with high performance Giganet connectivity (solid UTP cable, patch panels and patch cords) provide superior performance capabilities of high bandwidth applications support with 25 years performance warranty.

Giganet Faceplates Overview and Keystone Faceplates

The Giganet 1U & 2U Rack Management System provides an economical and superior Cable Management solution for Horizontal and Vertical cable management with different sizes, covers and blanks for both front and rear cable management

GN-C6-FP-02CAT 6 2 Port Shuttered Faceplate KES           200.00
GN-C6-FP-04CAT 6 4 way Shuttered Faceplate KES           200.00
GN-290012Giganet Cable Management ring KES           200.00
GN-SM-OS2-SWA-TB-12CGiganet SM OS2 outdoor direct burial TB 12core fibre cable KES           180.00
RL-150X50-SINGLE150X50 SINGLE KNOCK OUT KES           500.00
RL-100X50-SINGLE100×50 SINGLE KNOCK OUT KES           500.00
GN-SCON-LC-SMGiganet Simplex Connectors KES           300.00
GN-SC-PT-MM-OM2Giganet Simplex SC Pigtail 1 metre KES           600.00
GN-C6-PC-02M-GRYGiganet Category 6 UTP 2 mtr Patch Cord-Grey. KES              500.00
GN-C6-PC-02M-BLUGiganet Category 6 UTP 2 mtr Patch Cord-Blue KES              500.00
GN-MM-50125-LT-16C-OM3Giganet OM3 Multimode Outdoor Losse Tube  (LT)Fibre  Cable KES              500.00
RL-200X50-DUALRL-200X50 DUAL KNOCK OUT KES              500.00
GN-ADPT-SC-SMDuplex Adaptor SC Singlemode (Duplex) KES              500.00
GN-LC-PT-MM-OM2Giganet Simplex LC Pigtail 1 metre KES              500.00
GN-301-16-BPGiganet Snap-in Blanking Panels 1U KES              500.00
GN-DADPT-LC-SMGiganet Duplex Adaptors KES           500.00
GN-C6A-FTP-KJ-MGiganet Category 6A MINI Shielded punch down modules KES           600.00
GN-CAB-LOCK-SGiganet Cabinet Side Lock KES          1,500.00
GN-290007Giganet 1 unit Hanger Type Panel 1.75 x 19inch (Plastic hang KES          1,500.00
GNA-CAP-3003000107Giganet 0.3M Cable,RP/SMA_MALE KES          1,500.00
GN-LCSC-SM-OS1-(05)DGIGANET Duplex Patchcord LC-SC Singlemode 5Metre KES          1,500.00
GN-BR-10Giganet  1U brush   Patch Panel KES        2,000.00
GN-290013Giganet 2 unit BlankPanel with cover 3.5 x 19inch (Plastic) KES        2,500.00
GN-LOCK-FSGiganet Cabinet Locks KES          2,000.00
RL-50X20TK-1CP50x20x1compartment metal trunking 2.44 meters KES          2,000.00
GN-C6-PC-15M-REDGiganet Category 6 UTP 10 mtr Patch Cord-Grey. KES          2,000.00
GN-CAB-LOCK-FGiganet Cabinet Front lock KES          2,000.00
GNA-RA-L05Indoor – Omni – Rubber – 9dBi -TNC KES        2,000.00
GNA-RA-L01Indoor – Omni – Rubber – 9dBi – SMA KES        2,000.00
GN-561081Fibre Optic Stripper Tool KES        2,500.00
GN-561038Giganet Scissors for cutting kevair of fiber optic cable KES        2,500.00
GN-LCLC-MM-OM3-(10)DGIGANET Duplex Patchcord LC-LC Multimode 10 Metre KES        3,000.00
GN-PDU-6giganet PDU 6way horizontal KES        4,000.00
GN-561066Giganet LC Polishing Disc KES        3,500.00
GN-PDU-C13-V-10IGiganet C13 Vertical 10way PDU w/Industrial plug KES        4,000.00
GNA-DM-2405Indoor – Omni – Dome – 5dBi KES        4,000.00
GN-10G-FTP-PP24CAT 6A 10G FTP 24 Port Blank Patch Panel with rear Wire Mana KES        5,000.00
GNA-CAP-40500007085 meters extension cable N-male to N-female KES        5,000.00
GN-301-01Giganet 301,100 Pair Box Connection (Empty) KES        5,000.00
GNA-EXT-N-1010 meters extension cable N-male to N-female KES        6,000.00
GN-PDU-C13-V-10MGiganet C13 Vertical 10way Metered PDU KES        6,000.00
GN-PDU-10MGiganet 10way Metered PDU KES        6,000.00
GN-PDU-10C13/2C19-V-MGiganet 10xc13,2Xc19,230V/16A Vertical Metered PDU KES     14,300.00
GGS-2404-28TGigalite Gigabit 24 port  Web smart Switch with 4 SFP KES     20,150.00
GN-PDU-24C13/6C19-V-MPdu,Basic,Vert,2Pe,Iec,24Xc13,6Xc19,230V/16A IEC LOCK,METERE KES     22,100.00
GN-MON-08100EXGiganet Cabinat Power Monitor KES     27,336.40
GN-SPD-1623G-08N1Giganet Switched Power Distribution Unit KES     51,428.00
GN-VOIP-GSM-4Giga Voip 4 GSM Gateway (Quad-band) KES     58,500.00
GN-POM-1623G-08N8Giganet Per Outlet Power Monitoring (POM) Power Distribution KES     68,339.70
GN-DC-6045-22UGiganet 600×1000 45U Data Centre Double Section Colo Cabinet KES   109,850.00
GN-DC-8042Giganet 42U 800 X 1000 Data Centre Cabinets KES   117,260.00
GN-DC-8045-22UGiganet 800×1000 45U Data Centre Double Section Colo Cabinet KES   120,770.00
GN-DC-6045-10UGiganet 600×1000 45U Data Centre Quad Section Colo Cabinet KES   154,700.00