Giganet Copper and Fiber Networking Products and Solutions in Kenya

Giganet Copper and Fiber Networking Products Distributors
Giganet Copper and Fiber Networking Products Distributors

At Hubtech Kenya, We deal in the latest copper cabling systems and equipment from top brands such as Huawei, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Cambium as we as Giganet
We are the leading resellers and dealers of Giganet products in Kenya and we work closely with our clients to offer the most competitively priced products in the market.

Our products Giganet and Siemon are globally sourced and manufactured to international quality standards.
They include Network Infrastructure Cabling, Cabinets and Enclosures and Cable Management Solutions. Giganet products are backed by warranty, support, and training.

Some of the giganet products currently in our Online store include; List is not Exhaustive


Data Voice and Fibre Patch Panels

Giganet patch panel 24 ports


Ethernet / Lan Cables

Giganet CAT 6 UTP cable


Data Voice and Fibre Patch Panels

Giganet Cat6 UTP 48port Patch Panel


Giganet Networking Products

Giganet Cat6 1M UTP patch cord


Ethernet / Lan Cables

3M Giganet Cat 6 UTP patch cords


Giganet Copper Structured Cabling Solutions

Hubtech Structured cabling specialist in Kenya are certified installer of all the industry-leading manufacturers such as Giganet, Siemon, Cisco, Ubiquiti and Mikrotik and much more

Our experience and expertise cover all aspects of structured cabling projects.

  1. Start-to-Finish Solutions from design and implementation to post-handover services such as maintenance and support.
  2. Vertical markets including data centers, corporate offices, and commercial, hospitality, industrial, public and retail sectors.
  • Leading edge technology solutions; Cat 6A, Cat 7, UTP, FTP, F/UTP / F/STP / F/FTP and more.
  1. State of the art Giganet Fibre solutions including multimode, single-mode, MTP factory terminated solutions for 40 Gb/100Gb requirements.
  2. Full design and implementation of cable containment; trunking, tray work, conduits, cable basket, cable matting, and specialized Fibre trunking.
  3. Complimentary products include Data Cabinets and Frame, Workstations, Sub -Floor Electrics and a Lighting Controls and Building Intelligence System that is placed on a cable network
  • Experienced, skilled and qualified team of technicians and highly skilled, competent and experienced PMP qualified Project Managers

Giganet Data cabinets products for Data and Server rooms

To compliment our design and installation of structured cabling in data centers we also supply and install cabinets and frames to provide complete solutions for data center network infrastructure projects.

Copper structured cabling and Network Infrastructure Products

The most popular structured cabling and Network Infrastructure equipment include;
Ethernet Cables; Category 6a and 6e, Giganet patch cords
Giganet Offer four types of cable types commonly used for Ethernet cabling in Kenya: Cat6e UTP Indoor and Outdoor, Cat6a Indoor and Outdoor with F/UTP / F/FTP, F/STP In today’s LANs, the Giganet twisted pair cabling as well as cat6a and cat6e Giganet patch cords is the most popular type of cabling, but the fiber-optic cabling usage is increasing, especially in high-performance networks.

Giganet Fiber optic cabling

Fiber-optic cabling for your network.
This type of Giganet Fiber cabling uses optical fibers to transmit data in the form of light signals. The Fiber cables have strands of glass surrounded by a cladding material
This type of cabling can support greater cable lengths than any other cabling type (up to a couple of kilometers).
The main advantage of Fiber optic the cables are also immune to electromagnetic interference. As you can see, this cabling method has many advantages over other methods but its main drawback is that it is more expensive.
Giganet offers two types of fiber-optic cables:

  • Single-mode fiber (SMF)– uses only a single ray of light to carry data. Used for larger distances.
  • Multi-mode fiber (MMF)– uses multiple rays of light to carry data. Less expensive than SMF.

Two types of connectors are commonly used:

  • ST (Straight-tip connector)
  • SC (Subscriber Connector)
  1. Fiber Optic Panels, Fiber optic Adaptor and connectors Fibre Splice Enclosures and Much more

Giganet Single-Mode 9/125 OS2 16 Core Loose Tube SWA Armored Fibre Optic Cable

The Giganet Loose Tube (LT) optical fiber cables with Steel Wired Armor (SWA) have been designed and manufactured for harsh rugged outdoor environments. The SWA enables direct burial of the cable and the steel wire protects the inside cores from any damage from external crush and impact.
The loose tubes are filled with gel which allows flexibility and protection when pulling the cable and enables easier and faster installation on site. The SWA armored cable is suitable for outdoor Campus and building Backbones.
All cables designed are designed to IEC 11801 standards. The cable can contain 24 color-coded fibers in unstranded form and are available in OS2 variants. The cable outer sheath is flame retardant LSOH.

  • Color-coded fibers
  • CST armoring for enhanced impact, crush and rodent resistance
  • Compact 250 µm loose tube construction
  • Flame retardant LSZH jacket for enhanced fire performance
  • Fire resistance E120, PH120
  • Reaction to fire Euro class Cca-s1a,d1,a1

Other Giganet structured cabling Fibre networking products that we deal with include;

  1. Giganet Single-Mode 9/125 OS2 48 Core Loose Tube SWA armored Fibre Optic Cable and Fiber Patchcords
  2. Giganet Blank Fiber Optic Panel
  3. Giganet Single-mode LC Quad Adaptor

Giganet dealers in Nairobi, Kenya

Buy Giganet networking accessories including UTP cable, patch cord, patch panel, modules, and faceplates, etc.  At significantly competitive prices in Nairobi, Kenya from Hubtech Ltd. We are a Giganet dealer in Kenya in partnership with Giganet distributors in Kenya. Furthermore, we offer same-day delivery.