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Buy POS Cash Drawers at Best Prices

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Tips to Consider When Shopping For A Cash Drawer

If you own a profitable business, you make sales transactions. And that means you must have a place to hold your cash. Follow these guideline when choosing what type of cash drawer fits your business and point-of-sale (POS) system.


The costs for cash drawers vary. Expect to pay anywhere from about $100 to several hundred, because there is a lot to consider. How many drawers will you need? What type of security will you need? And how much do you care about compatibility, design, and appearance? Your answers to these questions affect the overall price.


How durable and reliable do you want your cash drawer to be? Standard duty cash drawers are ideal for smaller businesses.  These drawers are designed to open manually or electronically (or both). For bigger businesses, consider a heavy-duty cash drawer. They are more durable and built to withstand your daily environment. Most last at least one million cycles, and will come with a warranty.


Make sure the drawer you choose is compatible with your POS system. Bepoz’s point-of-sale systems easily integrate with many different types of cash drawers.


Consider the type of power your drawer requires. If you choose a manual, stand alone design you don’t need to worry.  Some drawers can be powered through your computer via the computers or printers serial or USB interface. Others can be powered through an AC outlet.

Space Requirements

Determine where you will place your drawer. Will it be on the counter or mounted? Keep in mind the amount of space you will need when the drawer is opened as well.

Drawer Space

Some drawers come with extra space under the till for coin storage or secure storage of large bills. Most tills come standard, but some have options, such as adjustable sections, bill hold downs, and removable coin trays.


Some POS systems automatically open the cash drawer upon any transaction requiring a receipt. Others open only upon cash transactions.  If you have a system that does not open for credit card transactions, you will then need to purchase a drawer with slots on the face of the drawer. This is where you slide in your documents and credit card slips. These are called media slots and are designed with either single, dual or triple slots.


It’s a must to consider security when purchasing a cash drawer. Security features range from drawer locks (manual or automatic) and locking tills, to hidden locked compartments and heavy steel design. Who will be using the drawer, and will your machine be left alone? These are good questions to ask when choosing your cash drawer based on security measures.


Cash drawers come in many different colors, sizes and styles. Only you can decide what aesthetics matter to you, if at all.


X-POS Point of Sale Products

X-POS BCD-410 Cash Drawer

Original price was: KSh8,500.00.Current price is: KSh8,000.00. + VAT

Point on Sale (POS) System

Cash Drawer EPOS (ECH 410)

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