Astel coaxial RG6 cable 300M

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Key Product Specifications

  • Number of Conductors: 1
  • 5-15mm dia for QS cable one hd
  •  BC/CCS/TC/CCA/CCC Conductor and so on for QS cable one hd
  • Insulation Foam PE/Solid PE for QS cable one hd
  • Al Foil / CU FOIL/ BLUE FOIL/ COPIED FOIL/ BONDED FOIL Shield and so on
  • Braiding: Al-Mg/CCA/BC/TC and so on for QS cable one hd
  • Jacket: PVC/PE/ RESIN AND SO ON for QS cable one hd
  • Application: CCTV/ CATV/ MATV/ ANTENNA/ SATELLITE and so on

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