APC and Mercer UPS Solutions in Kenya

APC and Mercer UPS Solutions
APC and Mercer UPS Solutions

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, standby power UPS Power Systems continues to be key to the Continuity of any business that has any kind of reliance on Network infrastructure and IT systems.


APC and Mecer UPS

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APC and Mecer UPS

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APC and Mecer UPS



APC and Mecer UPS

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APC and Mecer UPS

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APC and Mecer UPS

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APC and Mecer UPS

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APC UPS is a product of Schneider international, these UPS provide power backup as well as surge protection for computers, gaming console, lighting, wireless networks, access control systems, security cameras among other electronics.
APC UPS has a variety of products to meet different client needs and budget. These products vary from smart UPS that can automatically regulate power depending on the load thus increasing the lifespan of your equipment. The battery backups come in different design features; we have floor or tower design.
APC ups supply power in the event of power outages, dangers voltage fluctuations as well as protecting electronics from damage by a power surge or spikes.
Uninterrupted Power Supply systems are essential to ensure that your data is safe as well as keeping your equipment safe from damage.
Below are the most common types of APC UPS available in the market.

APC Back-UPS700VA, 230V, AVR, IEC Sockets – BX700UI

APC BX700UI is a 700 VA, 230v power backup UPS that is ideal for computers, access control, and wireless access point. This power backup has an Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) feature that automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to supply the equipment with the recommended power. This feature ensures that the system power rating is met and your equipment is not damaged by power fluctuations. This keeps the equipment running without failure or data loss. Power failures have been a nuisance for most developing countries due to unreliable transmission infrastructures thus with a UPS your worries will be no more.

APC Back-UPS 950VA, 230V, AVR, IEC Sockets

The 950VA, 2030V UPS is a medium size power backup for use with equipment like PC, access control systems, servers, wireless access point, and home electronics among others. It is designed to meet most of the needs of a small office or home.
It automatically steps up low voltage power and steps down high voltage power to levels that are appropriate for your electronic gadgets. The UPS also recovers very easily from overload and you do not need to replace any fuse. This UPS reserves power for longer during to keep your equipment running in the event of power interruption, thus your business doesn’t feel the glitch.
The APC UPS has a USB port that allows you to customize the configurations to meet your specific needs as well as optimize the UPS to deliver more. It protects secondary electronics from surges and spikes without reducing battery power used to run primary electronics during an outage. It protects your data and equipment during power outages, surges and power spikes.

APC Back-UPS 1400VA, 230V, AVR, IEC Sockets

This APC 1400VA UPS is ideal for your electronics such as PCs, networking equipment like routers, servers, switches, Access points among others. Reserves power capacity and run time for connected equipment that requires UPS battery back-up while providing surge only protection for less critical equipment
It provides power backup for load intensive equipment as compared to the 700VA and the 950VA variants. It has a smart feature that regulates the power to meet the specific power requirement of your electronic. This prevents equipment damage or data loss in the event of power outages, surge or even power spikes.

Features of APC Back-UPS

Smart Battery Management
Has a precision charging battery management feature that maximizes battery life, performance and reliability.
Automatic Self-test
The batteries periodically do a self-test to ensure batteries that about to fail are detected in time and replaced.
Battery failure notification
Offers early-warning fault analysis on batteries thus ensuring preventive maintenance is administered in time.
LED status
Visual indicator display unit and power status of the UPS
Audio alarms
Notifies in the event of changing utility power and UPS conditions


Mercer is a world-renowned brand that manufactures and distributes power backup systems for Industrial, large and medium enterprises as well as for small office and home offices. Mercer has a wide range of backup UPS that are line-interactive.

MERCER 650VA Line Interactive UPS

Mercer 650VA is an ideal solution for your office or home power backup. Protect your data and avoid losing your work due to loss of power or through a power surge which can be quite disruptive. Invest in a UPS that will guard you against any of this. MERCER 650-VA(360W) Line Interactive UPS with AVR, Built-in Surge Protection.
This cheap line interactive power backup UPS comes in handy and can remove the risk of equipment damage while in the long run saving the running overhead.


Mecer 1000VA UPS is a medium-size line-interactive UPS ideal for small and medium enterprises as well as for home use. It is designed to protect your equipment from a power surge, spikes as well as prevent data loss during power outages.
It is designed with an automatic power management feature that allows the UPS to step up power when the voltage is low and step down power when the voltage is high preventing the equipment from damage or data from loss.
With this innovative power backup equipment, you don’t have to worry about data loss or equipment damage. All you have to do is focus all your attention to your work and let the UPS manage all your power issues.

  • Line-interactive UPS

Line interactive design is in fact a combination of both offline & online, in which the inverter serves a dual role of charging the battery when mains supply is present as well as regulating the output voltage and working as a normal inverter in absence of mains supply, so to the user it appears like an Online System. Line Interactive UPS offers greater power protection as compared to the basic offline designs by providing additional line conditioning.

  • Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization

The Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) in the UPS systems adjusts the incoming AC voltage to stabilize the output power to connected equipment.

  • Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Simulated sine wave
  • Off-mode charging
  • Cold start function –
  • USB communication port and RJ-11/RJ-45 protection
  • Overload, discharge, and overcharge protection
  • Supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows 7, Linux, Unix, and MAC.