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What does UTP, S/UTP, FTP, STP and SFTP mean?

The shielding inside your cable acts as a barrier to protect the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI) and crosstalk between pairs and adjacent cables. It also prevents the signal from the cable interfering with surrounding equipment. When it comes to copper cabling, choosing the level of shielding you want the cable […]

Difference Between Optical Fibre and Coaxial Cable

The computers and other electronic devices transmit the data from one to another device in the form of signals and using a transmission media. The transmission media can be fundamentally categorized into two types guided and unguided. Unguided media is a wireless communication which carries electromagnetic waves by making use of air as a medium […]

Different types of Biometric System

Biometrics is a method of establishing a person’s identity based on chemical, behavioral, or physical attributes of that person, and is relevant in large-scale identity management across a wide range of applications. In principle, a biometric access control system is a pattern recognition unit that gathers a specific type of biometric data from a person, […]