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What are FXS and FXO ports? What are they used for?

FXS and FXO are the names of the ports used by analog phone lines (also known as POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service) or phones. The two ports are always paired together in order to make a call. FXS, Foreign Exchange Subscriber ,is a port that conveys the internal connection to office devices like analog […]

What Is Wifi 6? And Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading to a WiFi 6 Router

What is Wifi 6? Wifi 6 is the official market name for the wireless computer network operating in the 802.11ax standard. It is also known as AX Wifi or high-efficiency Wifi. It is the successor of 802.11ac (Wifi 5). Wifi 6 is quite an exciting improvement to the Wifi technology in general. Its principal design […]