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Biometric Security vs. Traditional Security: A Comprehensive Analysis

One of the biggest threats to man today is their security as a person, their property, or even at their workplaces. Having ample security not only guarantees a person’s wellbeing, financial prosperity, but also their peace of mind. Having that in mind, security needs not to be something that can be quantified by a physical […]

5 Ways to Use ZKTeco Biometric System

ZKTeco Biometric System Hubtech

In the last few years, there has been tremendous growth in the use of biometric technology world over. This is because of many reasons. However, the main reason is that the need for better personal identification and authentication has never been greater. For your information, biometric identification systems have become so miniaturized that they are […]

Want to Upgrade to VIOP? Here are 5 Tips to Minimize Disruptions.

VIOP Hubtech

Voice over Internet Protocol has in so many ways modernized the phone systems in the workplace. Today, VoIP can boast of having upgraded to cloud-based services as well as desktop applications, and as such, this digital phone system has saved many businesses by alleviating operational costs while at the same time keeping all the workplace […]

Understanding Different Types of Security Cameras

A security camera is basically a closed-circuit system where cameras are installed, and they transmit the signals privately to a central monitor mainly for security and surveillance purposes. The cameras operate by strategically placing them in a certain area. Wireless links or coaxial cables then transmit the signal in a closed circuit and giving access […]