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What is Power over Ethernet(PoE)

Power over Ethernet is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power. It allows a network cable to provide both data and power for the PoE enabled devices Devices that use Power over Ethernet(PoE) VoIP Phones IP Cameras Wireless access points Benefits of PoE Switches Reduced Cost With PoE switches you eliminate the need […]

Basic Ways Of Protecting Your Computer

Computers face many potential threats which include viruses,malware and hard drive failure. Keeping your computer secure helps avoid malware attack and direct hacking attempts that are designed to steal your personal information. Here are some ways that can help secure your computer and reduce online risk when using your computer. Safeguard against malware Malware is […]


WiFi can be a delicate thing. You may find that your WiFi works perfectly at a certain spot and once you move from that spot it starts weakening. this can be due to factors that influence their performance; Factors Affecting WiFi Performance Physical Distance WiFi routers tend to reach a very small radius in your […]