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Mikrotik routers

A MikroTik router is a type of network router that is manufactured and designed by MikroTik, a Latvian company specializing in networking equipment and software. MikroTik routers are known for their robust and feature-rich RouterOS operating system, which is used to power these devices. Charactersistics of MikroTik routers RouterOS MikroTik routers run on RouterOS, which […]

Understanding Fiber Optic Technology

Globally, the deployment of fiber optic cables has been rapidly increasing as the demand for high-speed and reliable data transmission, via optical fiber, continues to grow. Fiber has become the technology of choice for delivering internet and network services, as well as bridging the “last-mile” gap from operator’s equipment to homes, businesses, and enterprises. Fiber […]

What are the different types of network switches?

When you are setting up a network for home, you need a router. But when you set it up for offices and data centers where there are hundreds of computers, you need networking switches. A networking switch is responsible for connecting the devices within a network. The connected devices could be computers, routers, printers, wireless […]