How Technology Can Give You an Edge in the Business World

In today’s fast digitizing world, no business can afford to ignore the use of technology, especially in marketing. It doesn’t matter if it is the use of social media, bulk SMS, state-of-the-art communication devices, or the most advanced security gadgets. Technology will do wonders for your business. Growth in the use of mobile phones to […]

How to Write Interesting Messages for Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Kenya

Look here: in the business world, Bulk SMS marketing has taken off quite impressively with virtually every business opting to utilize the technique because of its endless advantages. But the deal is, some businesses fail to understand just how important this type of marketing is. Sadly, several businesses have decided to test the effectiveness of […]

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX

Yealink/YEASTAR IP PBX Kenya Yeaster: With the new developments in VOIP Technology, IP based Telephone systems come out as an essential element of the business communications. Yeastar  IP PBX System delivers greater features, flexibility, and cost-effective solution to the business. Because of this reason Yeastar MyPBX Systems are getting immense popularity among small to large […]

Point to Point/ Multipoint Solution

Modern Technological Need The rapid proliferation of ICT services and Internet computing has created new demands and challenges for enterprise networks. Increasing numbers of users and bandwidth-intensive applications, both mission-critical, and non-business-critical are putting strains on Intranets, Extranets, and the Internet as a whole. This has created a requirement for solutions that enable businesses to […]

ToughSwitch – Switch Presentation

The Ubiquiti ToughSwitch Carrier features dual ToughSwitch PoE PRO systems in a rack-mountable, 1U form factor with 300 watts of power supporting up to 16 devices. Ubiquiti ToughSwitch Carrier 16 Port Key Features Ports – 16 Gigabit PoE PoE – 24V/48V Configurable Passive 300 W Power TOUGHSwitch PoE Configuration Interface 1U Rack-Mount Form Factor Product […]

Ubiquiti Product Options for Different Scenarios and Distances

In fixed outdoor wireless communications there are two primary deployment methods used for distributing wireless: Point-to-Point (PtP), and Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP). Point-to-Point (PtP): Connects two locations, usually multiple km, essentially forming an Ethernet bridge. Point-to-Multipoint links (PtMP): Connects three or more locations, using one Base Station (or Access Point) and multiple CPE devices (Stations) connected to […]

Towers and Masts Guidelines-Hubtech Limited

This guideline recognizes the following types of telecommunication towers, namely; (1) Monopole Towers or Post Masts (a) Monopole towers consist of tapered steel tubes that fit over each other to form a stable pole. (b) A monopole tower is guyed or self supported and be fitted with climbing rungs where necessary. It should have the […]

To install Active Server Pages on Windows Server

Therefore, the users cannot change their passwords or log on to Outlook Web Access. To address this issue, install Active Server Pages on the servers that host Outlook Web Access. To install Active Server Pages in Windows Server 2008 1.    Click Start, click Run, type appwiz.cpl, and then click OK. 2.    Click Turn Windows features […]